User Community Guidelines

Welcome to the Localist User Community, powered by Slack at localistusers.slack.com! This is a dedicated environment for Localist administrators to connect and collaborate in real-time to discuss all things related to managing your platform and event marketing strategies. Hitting a road block and in need of ideas? Come to the Localist Community on Slack to crowd-source it!

Why be a part of the Localist Slack Community?

Over the years, we’ve received an overwhelming number of requests to connect administrators or share solutions that are working best for similar organizations. This community is a place to build relationships and swap insight with your Localist peers.

What is Slack?

Slack is a proven online community platform that has become the fastest growing B2B app ever since launching in 2014. Slack is love by millions around the globe–4 million of which use Slack every day!


To start the community, you will find four available channels:

  1. #general: Use this channel to introduce yourself to the community! You can also check here for event marketing chatter and off-topic banter.
    Want to see who else is attending a conference or who is using another SaaS solution?
  2. #q-and-a: Discussion of all things related to implementing, administering and managing your Localist platform. Ask any question at any time!
    How did you accomplish that? What’s the best solution you’ve found?
  3. #announcements: Product and content updates straight from the Localist team. Check here to find release notes, new blog or knowledge base posts and new feature announcements. Questions, comments? Feel free to drop them in here to discuss what’s new at Localist!
  4. #suggestion-box: Have any idea you’d like to share? Submit your ideas for new features or enhancements in this channel for the Localist Team to consider in future developments.
    If you’d like to suggest a new channel, let us know in this channel (#suggestion-box). If we have enough interest among the community, we will fire up a new one!

Localist Resources

This User Community on Slack is supplementary to our primary Localist resources. As a refresher of what we already offer:

Support (support@localist.com): connect directly with a member of the Localist Support Team for personalized advice, direction or trouble shooting. If you have any immediate or pressing issues, email Support first. The User community is for crowd-sourcing ideas and group think brainstorming.

Knowledge Base: formal product and best practice documentation developed by the Localist Support Team. This is a great place to introduce yourself, or your colleagues, to Localist features and instructions.

Implementation Guide: formal product documentation reshaped to assist new Localist customers. Getting your platform set up? This is an exhaustive list of everything you need to do to get your platform from out-of-the-box to superstar.

Blog: event marketing insights and advice developed and curated by the Localist Marketing Team. Check in to keep on top of industry trends!

Participating in the Community

Personalize your profile. To make connecting with other Localist users as easy as possible, we highly encourage you to create a profile using your first and last names. We’d love to see your beautiful faces, so please upload a picture. It can be as serious or funny as you like. A traditional headshot is fantastic, but if a photo of you smiling in front of the world’s largest meatball best represents you, then go for it!

Be welcoming. This community is meant to facilitate positive connections as you learn from and share tips with each other. Please be courteous, we are all friends here! We prefer trolls to remain under a bridge in a fairy tale 🙂

Safeguard your data. This community is open to all Localist admins, so be mindful of any internal information you post and be sure that you are not discussing the confidential terms of your Localist License Agreement. (I’m looking at you, John D. Don’t tell anyone that it’s in your contract that I send you a box of chocolates every year when you renew.)

Here’s some things you can find or share as a member of the community:

  • A solution that works best for your organization’s goals.
  • Relevant event marketing news or tech developments.
  • Did you do something cool or have a unique use case? Brag a little! We want to know so we can copy you. Be our inspiration.
  • General knowledge, tips and insights to the Localist platform or industry.

Support SLA

This community is not included in our Support SLA. Any time-sensitive questions, bugs/errors or requests to schedule a call should be sent directly to support@localist.com. You can expect to see some familiar Localist Team faces pop up from time to time in the channels, but we will be focusing our time on making sure we are responding to support tickets in a timely fashion.

General Slack Tips

We’ve noted some key features below, but you can also find Slack’s documentation here.

Posting more than just text

Feel free to drop in any relevant documents, links or images. You can also share code snippet by selecting the plus sign:

@ mentions

If you include @username in a message, it will send a notification directly to the user mentioned. While these are a great way to get someone’s attention and keep a conversation going, please use them judiciously.

Creating conversation threads

Instead of replying as a new message directly in the channel feed, you can reply directly to a specific message by creating a thread:

The conversation will be available for any user to view, but it will be filed under the original message.

Personalize your settings

On a similar note, you are in control of how and when Slack alerts you. You have the power to customize if and when you receive notifications every time any message is placed in a channel or only when you’re @ mentioned, etc. Slack even offers “away” and “do not disturb” times.