User Accounts

After a user has logged in through any available sign-on  option, they will have access to various profile, preference and setting options for their account.

In this article you’ll find:

  • Getting to Preferences & Settings
  • Account Settings
  • Notifications
  • Privacy
  • User Dropdown
  • My Calendar
  • User Data Download
  • Attendee Reports


Account Settings

Navigate to Settings from the User dropdown

  • Photo
  • Full Name*
  • Email Address*
  • Zip code
  • Pronoun
  • Birthday
  • Connect with Twitter
  • Connect with Facebook
  • Connect with Google
  • Connect with LinkedIn
  • Change password

Note: Only Full Name and Email Address are required



From the Account Settings page, select the Notifications in the top right corner.

  • All users are opted in by default to receive all notifications and they can change what they want to receive at any point in time.
  • Exception: if a user has not verified their email account then they will not receive any notification emails.

Notifications user can change settings on:

  • Someone sends me a message, friend request, or event invitation
  • Someone accepts my friend request or event invitation
  • Someone comments on an event I’m attending
  • Time or location changed on event I’m attending
  • A friend RSVPs to an event I’m attending
  • I submit an event, or it is approved or rejected
  • Digest of tomorrow’s plans
  • Reminder to leave a review for an event I attended
  • Periodic trending events newsletter



From the Account Settings page, select Privacy in the top right corner.

  • By default, all user profile information can be viewed by Everyone. Other privacy options are Just My Friends (applies to friends in Localist), and Nobody.

Things users may change the privacy settings on:

  • Main profile
  • Upcoming plans
  • Events I’ve attended
  • My followed places
  • My friends
  • My recent comments and reviews
  • My photos


User Dropdown

Hovering over the profile photo will display a drop down with links to various pieces of a user’s profile and account.

Calendar Admin (if applicable): This allows Admins access to the Admin Dashboard from the front end.


Dashboard: Shows a complete overview of upcoming plans, activity and number of follows.

Public Profile: This shows the user what the public sees. It updates as they change their privacy settings.

My Calendar: A list of all events that a user has clicked the “I’m Interested” button.

Messages: If a user has corresponded with another Localist user, this is where the messages will be displayed.

Reviews: All events that the user clicked the I’m Interested button will be listed here to be reviewed at any time once they have passed.

Friends & Places: This page lists all “friends” added on the Localist platform and places that the user follows.

Photos: This page displays all photos added by a user.


Settings: Notification and privacy preferences.

Logout: Allows the user to log-out


My Calendar

After a user has logged in the will see Me and My Calendar appear in the user dropdown.

Selecting My Calendar will display a list of all events that a user has used the “I’m Interested” button to express interest in. The user will receive a reminder notification the day before and a prompt to review the day after the events listed on this page.

Note: A users is automatically marked as “I’m Interested” for events hosted by Group or Places Pages that they Follow.


User Data Download

For security purposes, user data is not available via Localist’s API because it is publicly accessible. For this reason, user data has been provided as a CSV download that is only accessible to Platform Admins.

Available User Data

  • ID
  • Name
  • Email
  • Role
  • Verified (yes/no)
  • Pending (yes/no)
  • Trusted (yes/no)
  • Birthday
  • Gender
  • Sign-up Date
  • Description
  • Twitter
  • Community
  • Tags

+ Any custom fields you have added to your platform that apply to users.

1. Navigate to Users > All Users

2. On the User results page, select Download User List


Attendee Reports

Localist creates an Attendee report automatically for all events. The report includes all users that clicked I’m Interested, users who marked themselves as going on the corresponding Facebook event or who bought tickets/registered via Eventbrite.

Accessing the Attendee Report

1. Navigate via Events > Live or search an event’s title in the event-specific search field.

2. Select an event from the list of live events.

3. In the edit form, select Metrics then select Attendees at the top of the drop down.

4. To export this data as a CSV, select the Download Attendee List button.


This reports lists the user’s name, email address (if they responded via Localist), the date they are attending and the source of their Interest.