Platform Tour

What is the Platform Tour?

The Platform Tour is a one-hour, high level overview of how each feature connects to one another. Depending on your organization’s industry and goals, your Implementation Specialist will be prepared to discuss each feature and best practice through that unique lens. That said, while the Platform Tour does include a screen share presentation, this is not a training and does not include a breakdown of how-to’s. This information will be provided via email follow up or through our Knowledge Base content.

What will be covered?

Part 1: Features

  • How to categorize events
    • Places, Groups and Departments
    • Filters
    • Tags and Keywords
  • How to add events
    • Public submissions
    • Pending Queue
    • Admin submissions
    • Bulk adding and Feeds
  • Admin and User Permissions

Part 2: Event Promotion

  • Promoting and individual event
  • Promoting multiple events

Part 3: Branding

  • Logo, Colors, Fonts and CSS
  • HTML Theme Editor
  • Custom Domain

Your Implementation Specialist will be ready to answer questions throughout your tour, so we invite you to ask away! 

Who should attend this call?

The Platform Lead must be in attendance, but other attendees depend on how onboarding tasks will be delegated. We recommend the following:

  • Who should attend: team members who will be responsible for multiple pieces of onboarding throughout the entire process. If you are flying solo as the Platform Lead, that’s great, too!
  • Who should not attend: team members who will only be responsible for a single piece of onboarding. For example, your technical folks responsible only for setting up a Custom Domain or branding.

Scheduling Your Platform Tour

Before reserving time for your Platform Tour, the following form must be submitted by the Platform Lead. Once submitted, please follow the scheduling instructions provided in your Implementation Specialist’s onboarding email to reserve a time slot.

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