📣 The Localist Promotion Scale 📣

Not all events aren’t created equal, so why should the way you promote them be? Localist provides a variety of methods that allow you to promote anything from one-off events to a series, whether big or small.

Individual Events

Sponsored Events

First on the individual promotion scale, Localist’s Sponsored feature is a soft endorsement of your events. When you Sponsor an event it gets a boost in the trending algorithm, which sends it straight to the top of the trending list. What’s more, a Sponsored Event will have unique styling to make it pop throughout your platform–so you can always expect users to check out these vibrant events.

Featured Events

Next up, Featured Events allow you to give certain events a prime spot on the calendar! Featured Events will display in a carousel at the very top of your homepage, which means they will be easily discoverable. You can flag an infinite number of Featured Events, so there’s endless opportunity for your users to find the most intriguing events.

Event Spotlight

Similarly, Localist’s Event Spotlight showcases an event with a prominent hero image to make it stand out on your platform. A benefit of utilizing the Event Spotlight is that it gets a solo spot, rather than being tucked in a slider with a bunch of other events. The Event Spotlight will give a special event its own little corner on your calendar for users to easily discover.

Multiple Events


The simplest way to promote a unique series is to create a Tag, such as ‘Summer 2019’, which will pull events into a centralized location on your calendar. To get to this centralized location, your users will just need to click the Tag on the Event Details Page. As you can see, Tags make it easy for your users to find an event series that may otherwise get lost on your busy homepage.

Homepage Tab

Speaking of your homepage, why not create a brand new tab on your homepage to highlight multiple events. You can easily pull events into the tab using existing classifications or a date range. 

Featured Tab

Next on the promotion scale, adding a new tab to your Featured Carousel will showcase some of your most exciting events. Say, for example, your organization is hosting a charity concert series. You could make a tab of ‘Charity Concerts’ and pull those events into the Featured Carousel. By doing this, you can rest assured that the coolest events will be front and center for your community to find.  


Last but not least, you can create a brand new page for unique events to live on your calendar with Channels. If you’re hosting a highly anticipated lecture series you can pull events into a Channel to show them off to your community. Channels can adopt their own unique CSS and layout—the look can be transformed to flaunt any brand aesthetic. Additionally, Channels have their own custom URL, which means you can promote these events anywhere you’d like.  

Bonus: Both!

Want to turn your event megaphone all the way up? Blast your events to inboxes and other web pages with the following tools:


You can also create Widgets to show off event(s) around your organization’s website or community partners’ websites. Localist Widgets are super customizable and inherit the styling on any page, so you know they will always match your brand. You can think of Widgets as an ambassador for your events—they’re your best bet to attract users and direct traffic back to your calendar.


Localist’s native newsletter tool, Bulletin, provides the best of both worlds because it gives you the flexibility promote a single event or multiple events. Not to mention, Bulletins go straight to your users’ inboxes, so you can rest assured that they will definitely see the best events your organization has to offer. Bulletin also allows you to add a prominent hero image, html components, social links, an RSS Feed, and a call to action button. So users will be enticed to visit your calendar to browse all of your events!

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