Staging Environment

 All Localist Enterprise licenses include access to a staging environment for testing feeds or developing branding.
  • Your staging environment is not synced with your production platform. It is not possible to import data from staging to production. Any additions and custom modifications will need to be manually copied into your production platform.
  • If you add a feed, it will import once but it will not automatically import each night. If you would like to test feeds, please email support@localist.com.

Any user that has admin permissions  can access staging by adding/staging_redirect to the end of the admin dashboard URL.When in staging they will have the  same exact  permissions that they were granted on production. For example, an Event Admin won’t have access the settings/newsletters/etc. when in staging.

  • Single-sign on is not enabled on staging, so you will need to access staging via the link in the Appearance tab instead of directly visiting the staging URL.
  • Navigate to Settings > Appearance
  • Select Go to Staging Calendar

    This will take you to the calendar homepage in staging where you will see an Admin link just as the production platform shows.