🌷 7 Ways to Spring Clean Your Platform 🌷

Featuring helpful tips to clean, update, & declutter your platform this Spring (or all year round)! 

1. Delete or Update Admins & Permissions

Keep an eye on out of date Admins before they become too much to manage.

  • Are there Admins that are no longer responsible for moderation?
  • Can you improve your approval response time by designating additional Admins?
  • Can you elevate any Admins’ Permissions?
  • Are you harnessing help from “Trusted” users or “Group Officers”? 

2. Complete a Filter Audit (then ask Localist for feedback!)

A long Filter list is difficult for Admins and users to both assign and navigate. 

  • Can Filters be combined to decrease length?
  • Do you have any Filters that aren’t being used?
  • Is there a better Localist feature more tailored to your needs?

Filter Audit Guide: https://support.localist.com/filter-auditing/

3. Look Through Your Places, Groups, & Departments

Auditing doesn’t just stop with Filters. Once again, your platform may be cluttered with unused or out-of-date Places, Groups or Departments.

  • Are there inactive Groups or Departments that need to be removed?
  • Are there new Places that should be added?
  • Are the photos up to date for all Places, Groups, & Departments?
  • Are there any duplicates?

4. Update or Add Widgets

Widgets are crucial to promoting your platform, so check up on these Localist “ambassadors” by double checking the following. 

  • Are your Widgets still pulling the correct events?
  • Does the Branding of the Widget still match the containing page?
  • Do you have a Widget on your organization’s homepage?
  • Do your community partners utilize your Widgets?

5. Update or Add Submission Guidelines and FAQs

Submission Guidelines and FAQs ensure that users and Admins submit high quality events. 

  • Do you need to add information about a new Localist feature?
  • Do you need to remove old specifications?

6. Update or Add Photo Library

The Photo Library ensure users submit high quality photos with their events.

  • Do you have too many photos in your Library?
  • Can you update or refresh some of your photo?

7. Branding

Localist branding tools enable you to put your best platform forward with events that not just sound like your brand, but look like your brand. 

  • Is your branding consistent throughout your platform?
  • Is your Brand Template up to date with the rest of your website?

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