Social Interactions

The following features and functionalities allow your community to interact with your content and each other.

I’m Interested


I’m Interested is a way to gauge user interest and provide a ballpark idea of attendance numbers. By default, every event listing has an “I’m Interested” button.

How It Works

1. When you select I’m Interested, the event is added to My Calendar in your User dashboard. If it is a repeating event, you’ll be prompted to select all dates or specific instances.

2. Once I’m Interested is selected, you’ll populate the People Interested section of the event. To remove the event, select change dates (recurring event) or not interested (non-recurring event).

3. You will receive a reminder email the day before the event to attend.

  • Event Insights: By default all events will include the post-event Event Insights email that arrives around two hours after the event has concluded. Here, you can rate your experience on a scale of 1-5, and/or provide additional feedback in the survey.

User Activity


By default, every event details page includes a User Activity section below the Event Details where users can post comments and reactions.

Those who mark themselves as “I’m Interested” will be notified when someone comments on the event, but the user cannot reply directly to the commenter via email. The only way to respond is by leaving a public comment on the event details page.

Spam Comments and Reviews

Platform Admin

Moderation Levels

Localist offers a few moderation levels to help combat spam. Navigate to the Admin Dash > Settings > Platform Settings > on the Settings page, the following options will be listed in the User Moderation drop-down:

Moderation Level Details
Automatically approve all posts All comments and reviews will automatically be approved/published to the calendar.
Send any posts that contain links to the moderation queue This is the default setting. Anytime a user posts a comment/review with a link or HTML, it will go to the moderation queue for approval.
Send all first posts to the moderation queue When a user posts a comment/review for the first time, it will go to the moderation queue for approval. Once the post has been approved, all future posts from this user will automatically be published.
Send all posts to the moderation queue All comments and reviews will go to the moderation queue for approval.

Managing Spam

To manage comments and reviews, go to the Admin Dash > Users > User Activity.

They will be listed in chronological order, starting from the most recent. You can narrow the results by selecting Comments or Reviews and Current Status (Pending, Approved, Rejected) in the Refine Results box.

You also have to option to approve, edit (pencil icon), or delete (trash icon) any comment or review. To bulk delete, select the unwanted comment/review > click Batch Actions > select Delete Selected.