Platform Settings

Navigate to Settings > Platform Settings. This section of the admin dashboard is only visible to platform admins.


Platform Display Name: This is the name that is displayed in breadcrumb links, feed data, emails and notifications for the platform.

Physical Address: This will be used in the footer of all notification emails to prevent messages from being directed to spam folders.

Contact Email: This can be any one email address. There is a Contact Us link on the event submission form and all inquiries from that form will be sent to this address.

Pending Digest Email: This can be any number of emails. Every day at 4 PM a pending digest that includes a list of events in the pending queue will be sent to the specified emails. The digest does not take into account any filter restrictions on a user’s account, but when they navigate to the pending queue they will only see events that correspond to their restrictions.

Platform Time Zone: Select one that applies.

Silent Mode: When checked, Localist will not send any emails/notifications to users.This is unchecked by default.

Allow Community Event Posts: When unchecked, the “submit an event” button will be removed from your calendar homepage and events will only be able to be added by administrators in the admin dashboard. Audience event submissions are allowed by default.

Moderation Level: Applies to all event comments.

  • Automatically approve all comments.
  • Sending any posts that contain links to the moderation queue.
  • Send all first comments to the moderation queue.
  • Send all comments to the moderation queue.


SILK Wrapper URL: If you are using our SILK Wrapper feature, save your wrapper’s URL here. To activate the new wrapper or force an update, select the Refresh Wrapper link below the field.

Include Localist Styles: Unchecking this setting will remove all default CSS from the platform.

User Help URL: This URL will be posted on your platform’s Admin Dash.

Default Date Range: dictates the time range and amount of events that will be displayed upon selecting a filter so the number on the homepage will always reflect this. Options available: Today, This Week, Next 30 Days

Default Map View: choose between the standard or satellite Google Maps display.

Logo & Link: If you are not using a wrapper or header/footer template, you can upload a logo here that will display in the top left corner of the default header. The URL entered will be attached to the logo.

Platform Themes

To edit the CSS of the Default or custom theme, select Edit Settings. To add a custom theme, please refer to our Theme Editor documentation. On the theme’s settings page, you will find the following:

  1. Global Elements: set text and background colors along with the default font size and font families of the header and footer and other global interfaces.
  2. Components: set text and background colors along with the default font size and font families of specific pieces of the platform.
  3. Custom CSS: enter all Custom CSS code here.

Additional Platform Settings Documentation



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