Scope of Services

What does this guide cover?

This guide outlines what is included and excluded in the support you will receive with a standard Localist license. Here are some of the highlights you can find in this guide:

  • Who will be providing support
  • What to expect during implementation
  • Localist Team expertise
  • How to connect with the Localist Team

New Customers

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Support vs. Success

This guide was sent to you by your Customer Success Manager so that you can review its contents and discuss any questions or concerns on your Welcome Call. While Success and Support may sound synonymous, lets break down how they function differently in service of you and your platform here at Localist.

Customer Success and Customer Support are two sides of the same coin:

  • Customer Success — Your CSM will be your first point of contact at Localist and will remain with you during your entire time with Localist and will proactively check-in throughout the year.
  • Customer Support — An Implementation Specialist from the Support Team will remain with your throughout your implementation then will assist in the future if you have questions or roadblocks with regards to using the platform.

While we do work very closely in our office, here’s when you can expect to hear from each team or when you should reach out to each team:

Support Success
Welcome Call
Kickoff Call
Strategy Calls
Pre-Launch Call
Contract, Billing & Renewals
Product Functionality & Best Practices
Post-Launch Check-Ins
Purchasing new products or services

Support Services

As a business-to-business service, the Localist Support Team only provides support for administrators and not end-users. Since each of our customers platform’s can vary greatly with respect to design, layout and features available, our documentation is organization (and industry) neutral and outlines features and functionalities as they are out-of-the-box.

Additionally, as Localist is not directly involved with the administration and management of the platform or content, we do not have the appropriate level of insight to provide guidance on workflows or instructions. That said, Localist was designed from the ground up to be an intuitive and user-friendly experience – if a user can navigate the web or social media site then they should be able to successfully use Localist.

Implementation Calls

Host Customer Success Manager Implementation Specialist
Who should attend? Main point of contact (required) + second in command (optional) Main point of contact (required) + key decision makers (tech/design or lead calendar admins – optional)
What will be covered? Org/dep insight, past event marketing/calendar experience, Localist goals and implementation resources. High-level information about the platform in order for you to devise a game plan for launch.
What should you prepare? Scope of Services questions & Year #1 goals Browse your new platform & admin dash

Solution brainstorming and identification

  • Workflow strategy: Since you just recently re-evaluated your event marketing strategy by purchasing Localist, chances are you’ll need to re-evaluate your event posting workflow as well. Your Implementation Specialist can assist with developing permission paths and workflows to be presented to your team.
  • Customer example Promotion: Wondering how other customers have found success with Localist or how they’ve fulfilled a similar need? We’ve got you covered! We’re regularly helping dozens of customers from various industries, so we’ve got the latest and greatest to share from the event marketing trenches.
  • Event marketing, design and UX best practices: Speaking of the event marketing trenches–we pride ourselves on staying true to not just event marketing best practices, but also design, UX and general internet best practices as well. With hundreds of customers and almost a decade in the online calendar game, we know what has worked, what works now and are always looking for what will work best in the future.

Progress tracking

Your Implementation Specialist will provide an Implementation Tracker in their Kickoff Call follow up email. This is a shared Google Sheet that allows for you, your team and your Implementation Specialist to keep tabs on your implementation to-do list. Additionally, your Implementation Specialist will personally check in with you on average every two weeks (frequency will be adapted to your implementation timeline).


Feature request fielding

Localist is here to connect communities through your events. To work towards this vision of more connected communities, we build products and features that make your events discoverable while balancing the needs of the event manager with the ideal audience experience.

Have an idea that would make Localist even better for you and fulfills this mission? You can share your idea directly with our development team by completing our Suggestion Box form. Additionally, feature requests are “officially” requested just by mentioning or questioning a functionality in any of our communications. We log every feature or enhancement and they’re reviewed regularly.

That said, feature requests are just that–requests. We typically base our roadmap around highly requested features that will have a wide impact, so as the tides change, so does our roadmap. The Localist Support Team can only comment on what our development team is able to consider, but timelines and functionality details will not be disclosed.

What Support must complete

The following are additions, updates, and actions that can only be made on the Localist end. These are only made by request and/or through coordination with your team. All requests should be sent to support@localist.com. If not explicitly listed below, the action is taken solely by you and your team.

Localist Team Actions
  1. Single-sign On (SSO): Localist will implement external SSO methods (CAS, Shibboleth/SAML, LDAP/Active Directory) once required data is received.
  2. SSL: Localist will provide a Certificate Signing Request for your custom domain. Once signed and sent back, Localist will implement SSL.
  3. Custom Domain: Once you have secured a custom domain, entered it in DNS, set it as a CNAME record and saved it in your Global Options, Localist will finalize the configuration after being notified that the previous steps have been completed.
  4. Feeds: EMS and SeatGeek
  5. Communities: After a list of community names + matching timezones has been received, Localist will add these to your platform.
  6. Language Changes: The majority of language changes are made by the customer using the Theme Editor to modify the platform’s HTML. However, there are some pieces that need changed on Localist’s end. Localist changes include:
  • Vocab:  All Events, Groups, Places to Go, Submit an Event, I’m Interested, People Interested, Buy Tickets, and Register
  • Date + Time format:  capitalize am/pm (AM/PM vs am/pm), add a space after the time (8 pm vs. 8pm), add/remove zeros at the top of the hour (8:00 vs 8), and lengthen/shorted the date format (Sept 1 vs September 1 vs 9/1)
  • Note:  Localist language changes do not include:  Filters, Custom Fields, or Homepage tabs.

Additional Services

The following services are not included in standard licensees and are available at an additional cost. If you’re intersted in learning more about these services, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

  • Support Bold: If your team does not have the technical chops, resources or time to get your platform up and running, Localist can do the heavy lifting for you. This package includes services like full branding as well as weekly check-in calls with your Implementation Specialist.
  • Tutorial Library: Localist will script and produce a library of personalized on-demand videos for your admins and end-users to learn everything they need to become Localist and event marketing experts.
  • Documentation: Localist will develop written documentation and FAQ’s to assist in transitioning your admins and end-users in using Localist as their new events platform.


The Localist Customer Support Team are experts on only the out-of-the-box Localist platform and default Localist features and functionalities, as such, we do not guarantee assistance or guidance on customizing the platform with CSS, HTML or JavaScript.

The customer is solely responsible for developing and maintaining all CSS, HTML and JS solutions. If you customize the platform with a SILK Wrapper (including JavaScript), Custom CSS or through the HTML Theme Editor, the Support Team may no longer be able to guarantee guidance or full trouble shooting. If the Support Team offers a how-to with regards to HTML or CSS, this is a one-time exception and does not guarantee similar guidance in the future.

External applications

The Localist Support Team are not experts in using external application interfaces or products. If you are exporting content to other services (feeds or widgets) or importing content to Localist (feeds or stylesheets), Support can only guarantee guidance and trouble shooting directly within Localist.

We want to ensure that you receive the most accurate instructions and best advice, which can only be provided directly by each service’s dedicated Support Team.


Support@localist.com is the main channel you will use to communicate with the Localist Support Team. Do not email members of the Support Team directly. If you send messages to their personal Localist inboxes, a reply will not be guaranteed. 

Implementation Specialists
You can expect to hear from your Implementation Specialist when emailing support@localist.com under these three conditions:

  1. You are currently in the implementation process.
  2. You are within 1 month of launch.
  3. You are a Support Bold customer (any point pre and post launch).

If your Implementation Specialist is unavailable then another team member will assist to ensure the most timely assistance. If you are beyond the 1 month post-launch window and are not a Support Bold customer, you may hear from any member of the team. We use a shared help desk, so any team member has access to any past conversations at any time.

Business hours

The Localist Support Team is available between the hours of 9 AM and 5 PM Eastern Time. Support for non-mission-critical issues outside of these hours is not guaranteed.

Response time

If you reach out within the hours of 9 AM and 5 PM ET, you should hear back from a member of the Support Team shortly. While we do not guarantee a turn around window, our average first response time is under 3 hours.

Reporting a bug or error

If a functionality is not working as expected or if you hit an error page (400, 500, 503), please complete the “something’s broken” form here. For the quickest resolution, please provide as many details as possible.

Localist does not place bug fixes on hold to be deployed  in larger, scheduled software updates. Instead, many fixes are deployed the same day. After sending the details to support@localist.com, someone will reply with additional questions or a preliminary resolution time. If you do not receive a timeframe in the first reply,  you will receive an update when a fix has been pinpointed.

Third party coordination

When working with third parties outside of your organization to implement Localist (designer, registrar, partners etc.) Localist Support may assist via email under 3 conditions:

  1. The customer confirms with the Localist Support Team that they are able to assist.
  2. The main point of contact at the customer organization must introduce the third party to Localist via email and remain CC’d in future exchanges.
  3. Localist will not pitch the product for adoption (e.g. securing partners or sponsors), or offer additional training for third parties.

Phone Support

All calls are scheduled at the Support Team member’s discretion.

Localist Support services are only guaranteed via email and it is the fastest route to receiving a response. If you reach out via phone, it is not guaranteed that a team member will be available to assist via phone.

If a team member is unavailable, please leave a voicemail with your name, organization, email address along with your questions or a description of your inquiry. A team member will follow back up with you via phone or email depending on the nature of your inquiry.

Strategy calls

If you would like a schedule a phone call with a member of the Support Team, you may request a strategy call. A strategy call is a time to discuss the best solutions for your specific needs, best practices and adoption strategies. A strategy call is not a platform training and will not include step-by-step demonstrations.
To schedule a strategy call, Localist Support will need your topics and questions beforehand. Providing this information helps in two ways:

  1. Immediate support. Often times, email is the best solution as it enables Support to give you an immediate answer to simpler questions.
  2. Call preparation. For more complex topics, Support can provide more context to be reviewed prior to chatting over the phone as well as prepare customer examples, double check technical information with the product team and plan an agenda for the call.

If you move forward with a call, the Localist team member will send you a calendar invite that includes call-in details. If you have any additional questions, send an email directly to support@localist.com and not by replying directly to the invite. After the call, your strategy call host will send a detailed follow up email with links to relevant articles, customer examples or how-to steps where applicable.

Technical calls
Localist Support does not provide technical phone support. The following topics must be discussed via email to ensure accuracy and timeliness:

  • Single-sign on
  • Custom domain & SSL
  • SILK development & CSS/HTML
  • General troubleshooting
  • API

Contact Numbers:

  • Support: 443-451-3000
  • Success: 202-386-6943
  • Billing: 443-451-3000 ext. 2002

User Community & Social Media

User Community
The Localist User Community powered by Slack at localistusers.slack.com. This is a dedicated environment for Localist administrators to connect and collaborate in real-time to discuss all things related to managing your platform and event marketing strategies. Hitting a road block and in need of ideas? Come to the Localist Community on Slack to crowd-source it!

This community is not included in our Support SLA. Any time-sensitive questions, bugs/errors or requests to schedule a call should be sent directly to support@localist.com. You can expect to see some familiar Localist Team faces pop up from time to time in the channels, but we will be focusing our time on making sure we are responding to support tickets in a timely fashion.

For more information, please review our User Community Guidelines here: https://support.localist.com/user-community-guidelines/

Social Media
While we do of course monitor our social media channels, we only guarantee support services through support@localist.com, so to ensure the timeliest assistance, please email the Support Team directly.