Support Bold

The following scopes apply to customers who have purchased Kickoff Bold or Support Bold in addition to our standard support services. If you are interested in upgrading, your Implementation Specialist can provide further details.


Support Services

*Please see below for more details.

Service Kickoff Bold & Support Bold Standard
Dedicated Implementation Specialist 4 months (Kickoff), One Year (SB) 60 days
*Phone Support Progression / Q&A / Strategy Strategy
Priority Support Yes No
*Timeline Creation Yes No
*Help Doc Review Yes No

Phone Support

In addition to your Welcome and Platform Tour calls, Support Bold customers are offered six 30-minute phone calls that are flexible in agenda and format based on the customer’s needs and implementation status. You may request the following call formats:

  1. Progression (most popular!): check-in calls scheduled at strategic intervals.
    • #1 (required): Your first progression call will be a Classification Review that will commence once you have completed your Classifications. During this time your Implementation Specialist will provide tailored recommendations based on best practices and customer success.
    • #2 (suggested): Wrap up any loose ends with Classification after your team has made necessary edits based on call #1. Typically this call will address how to start adding events through feeds, bulk-uploads, etc. This is also an ideal time to further discuss Admin Permissions.
    • #3 (suggested): Once your team has started adding events to the platform, your Implementation Specialist will guide you through how you can prepare to promote events through Channels and Widgets.
    • #4 (suggested): At this time you will be wrapping up implementation action items, so this time is optimal for discussing how you will be rolling out your Localist platform to your community.
  2. Strategy: one-off feature or topical deep dives. Technical topics excluded (see Standard Phone Support).
  3. Q&A: a round-robin session where your Implementation Specialist will answer questions of any topic.

To ensure that your time with your Implementation Specialist is productive, we kindly request the following:

  • Send specific questions and topics you’d like to review to your Implementation Specialist ahead of the call.
  • Only include team members who are 100% up to speed on your implementation process and the platform.
  • If a decision is not applicable to your Implementation Specialist, please hold these discussions until after the call.

Timeline Creation

After your Platform Tour call, your Implementation Specialist will provide a recommended timeline based on your tentative launch date. Throughout your implementation process this timeline will be adjusted as needed assuming the customer communicates changing priorities and schedules with their Implementation Specialist.

User Help Doc Review

If your team crafts internal help documentation for either users or admins, your Implementation Specialist is available to review your content for accuracy and best practices. The customer is solely responsible for the development of such materials.

Platform Setup

The following actions may completed by your Implementation Specialist on your behalf (the customer has full access to complete actions as they see fit).



Expand for more details
Action Included Excluded
 Bulk uploading of events from customer-provided spreadsheets  Bulk uploading any event spreadsheets that are provided by the customer, according to the customer’s specifications  Individually adding, editing or approving events
 Calendar setting changes  Configuring settings according to the customer’s needs  n/a
 Channel management  Building Channels according to the customer’s specifications, including HTML blocks for architecture  Custom JavaScript development and building features on demand for a Channel
 Custom CSS/Theme Editor  Implementing CSS and Theme Editor changes per the Support Bold Branding Guidelines  Anything outside of information architecture, building features on demand and custom JavaScript development
 Custom Domain  If given access to registrar, configuring appropriate CNAME record for domain  Purchasing a custom domain or purchasing on behalf of a customer
 Feed configuration  Configuring feeds provided by the customer  Identifying and curating feeds from external sources, approving feed events and managing content in external applications
 Landing page management  Reviewing and uploading any customer providing spreadsheets.  Identifying and curating info from external sources.
 Newsletter creation and design  Building and designing newsletters to the customer’s specifications  Managing recipients and scheduling/sending newsletters
 Photo Library management  Updating the Photo Library per the customer’s request  Creating or curating images.
 Informational boxes  Creating boxes or CTA’s to the customer’s specifications  Building out linked content or scripting copy
 SILK Wrapper  Building and designing a SILK Wrapper off an already existing web page. See “Branding” tab for more information.  Designing from scratch, changing the customer’s main website and JavaScript development. See “Branding” tab for more information.
 Single sign-on setup  If given access, Localist will cover all steps involved. If not, coordinating with customer to set up.  n/a
 Submission Guidelines  Localist will draft the copy based off of customer’s workflow and policies that are shared through a short survey. Once approved by the customer, Localist will implement. Styling is included with Custom CSS/Theme Editor action.  Drafting guidelines for the customer.
 User permissions  Updating existing user’s permissions.  Manually adding users.
 Widget creation and design  Customizing widgets to the customer’s specifications. If given access to CMS, Localist will add a homepage widget.  Localist Widget Builder only (no API development), changes to the containing page and embedding widgets outside of the website homepage.




Platform Branding

Your Implementation Specialist will apply your organization’s brand to your platform in two levels:

Option 1: Theme

  • Font families, colors, sizes and weights
  • Background colors
  • Borders
  • Shading
  • Text-decoration
  • Hover styles

In addition to the above CSS customizations, your Implementation Specialist is able to customize your platform’s HTML in the following ways. All other HTML customizations are not included.

  • Language
  • Icons
  • Time
  • Submission Guidelines
  • Login Guidelines

Support Bold does not include building features on demand, changing the default functionalities or custom JavaScript development (for example checkboxes, radio buttons or pop-ups). 

Option 2: Template

In addition to the above theme customizations, your Implementation Specialist can apply your website’s header and footer template to your platform. When providing your template URL (below), please note the following:

  • The header and footer to be used in the template must already be fully built, styled and available together in the same template or web page URL. Localist will not build, customize or piece together header and footers from different pages.
  • All assets provided in the wrapper source (CSS styles, images, etc.) must be served over secure (https) links if SSL is to be implemented on your Localist platform and these URLs must be permanent. If these change in the future, these assets and styles will break until your Implementation Specialist manually updates the URLs.
  • Localist will maintain the responsiveness of the template and Localist platform only if the template is responsive. If the template or web page is not responsive, corrective CSS will not be implemented.

Brand Delivery & Review

To kickoff the branding process, you will start by submitting the below Brand Survey. Once this has been submitted, your Implementation Specialist will adopt your brand per the level specified. During this process, your Implementation Specialist will be interpreting your brand to best suit Localist content and components.

  • Option 1: Localist guarantees a first draft to be delivered within 10 business days. 
  • Option 2: Your Implementation Specialist will provided an estimated turnaround time after reviewing your submitted template source code. As your Implementation Specialist works through the branding process, this estimate is subject to change. If your template (header/footer) changes or you opt to change from level 1 to level 2, then your Implementation Specialist will provide an adjusted estimate.

After you have reviewed your brand draft, you can continue to work with your Implementation Specialists to identify adjustments. As you submit requested edits, your Implementation Specialist will provide an estimated turnaround as they are received.

Brand Survey



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