Scopes of Service

The following scopes apply to all customers as a part of our standard support services provided by our Customer Experience Team (CX). If you have purchased Support Bold, please follow the prompt at the bottom of this page to review our additional Support Bold Scopes of Service.

Platform Setup


The customer is solely responsible for all actions required during setup. This includes, but is not limited to, adding Events, Filters, Groups/Places, Channels, Widgets and Settings. During your time with Localist, you can expect the CX Team to provide the following:

  • Product navigation help.
  • Recommendations tailored to your goals.
  • Advice grounded in industry best practices.
  • Inspiration from other successful Localist customers.

With Localist’s Support Bold services, your Implementation Specialist can help take set up steps off your to-do list. To learn more, you can review our Support Bold Scopes of Service here.



During your 60-day period with your Onboarding Specialist will interpret and apply the following brand elements to your platform from your main website:

  • Logo (customer provided)
  • Font families, colors, sizes and weights
  • Background colors
  • Borders and shading
  • Text-decoration
  • Hover styles

You can expect a final draft to be provided within 10 business days of your Platform Tour. At this time, you may requests adjustments only within the brand elements listed above.


The Localist CX Team are experts on only the out-of-the-box Localist platform and default Localist features and functionalities, as such, the following our excluded from our support services:

  • CSS (styles) outside of the above brand elements
  • HTML (structure/layout/language/etc.)
  • JavaScript (pop-ups/menu expands/etc.)

If you choose to further customize your platform, you are solely responsible for developing, troubleshooting and maintaining all CSS, HTML and JS solutions beyond what your Onboarding Specialist is able to provide.

External Apps

The CX Team are not experts in using external application interfaces or products. If you are exporting content to other services (feeds or widgets) or importing content to Localist (feeds or stylesheets), The CX Team can only guarantee guidance and trouble shooting directly within the Localist platform. To ensure that you receive the most accurate instructions and best advice you may be directed to reach out to the other service’s dedicated Support Team in these scenarios.

Connecting with the Support Team

Email is the primary method for connecting with the Localist Support Team to address product questions, best practices and bugs/errors. To connect with the Localist Support Team, please complete the relevant form at https://support.localist.com/contact/

  • Business hours: 9 AM – 5 PM Eastern Time. Support for non-mission-critical issues outside of these hours is not guaranteed.
  • Response time: If you reach out within business hours, you should hear back from a member of the Support Team shortly. While we do not guarantee a turn around window, our average first response time is under 3 hours.
  • Personal Employee Accounts: Please refrain from emailing members of the Support Team directly. If you send messages to their personal Localist inboxes, a reply will not be guaranteed.

Phone Support

To kickoff the onboarding process, all customers are provided with an introductory Platform Tour that provides a high level overview of Localist features hosted by your Implementation Specialist. Beyond this call, Localist Support services are only guaranteed via email. If you reach out via phone, it is not guaranteed that a team member will be available to assist via phone. Please leave a voicemail with your name, organization, email address along with your questions or a description of your inquiry. A team member will follow back up with you via phone or email depending on the nature of your inquiry.

Strategy Calls

If you would like a schedule a phone call with a member of the Support Team, you may request a strategy call. A strategy call is a time to discuss the best solutions for your specific needs, best practices and adoption strategies. To schedule a strategy call, Localist Support will need your topics and questions beforehand. A strategy call is not a platform training or open Q&A and will not include step-by-step demonstrations.

Technical Support

Localist Support does not provide technical phone support. The following topics must be discussed via email to ensure accuracy and timeliness: step-by-step instructions, troubleshooting, single-sign on, custom domain, ssl, SILK/CSS/HTML development and the API.

With Localist’s Support Bold services, your Implementation Specialist can provide additional phone services, like Q&A discussions. To learn more, you can review our Support Bold Scopes of Service here.

Product Feedback & Roadmap

While we can’t guarantee development or change features on-demand, we’d love to hear your feedback! If you think you have an idea that would make Localist even better for your community, please submit your idea via our Suggestion Box.




Additional Information

We typically base our roadmap around highly requested features that will have a wide impact, so as the tides change, so does our roadmap. When evaluating requests we often ask questions like these:

  • Has this been requested by other customers?
  • Is the requesting customer’s platform being actively used by their audience?
  • Is this addressing a hypothetical situation, or a wider problem?
  • Will this add to a positive end-user experience?
  • How will this change affect how other customers are utilizing our current features?
  • Is this addressing a specific organization’s unique workflow or will a large number of customers benefit from it?






What’s Next?

Support Bold Customers Continue

Standard Support Customers Preparing Your Team

Ensure your team is on the same page with regards to goals, expectations and roles during the onboarding process. Once you have reviewed and submitted the corresponding Onboarding Survey, your next step will be to schedule your Platform Tour.

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