Localist is able to connect with Salesforce to automatically export your event’s attendee data to your Salesforce account. Localist’s communication with Salesforce is Localist -> Salesforce only.

Salesforce Export Data

  • Event (“Lecture Series”) = Parent Campaign
    • Event Instances (“Lecture Series – June 1, 2020”) = Child Campaign
  • Attendees = Campaign Members
  • Attendee Status
    • “I’m Interested” selected= interested
    • Purchased a ticket = purchased
    • Ticket checked in = checked_In

Integration Setup

Salesforce Side

In Salesforce Setup create a Connected App (some labels vary based on Lightning or Classic). More details can be found in the Salesforce Documentation.

  1. Find the App Manager in Salesforce Setup
    • Classic: Setup > Build > Create > Apps
    • Lightning: Setup > Platform Tools > Apps > App Manager
  2. Create a New Connected App
  3. Fill out name, contact details as desired
  4. Check “Enable OAuth Settings”
  5. Set “Callback URL” to https://login.localist.com
  6. Add “Full access (full)” under “Selected OAuth Scopes”
  7. Check “Require Secret for Web Server Flow”
  8. Click Save

Localist Side

Email support@localist.com with the following details.

(1) Connected App

  • Consumer Key
  • Consumer Secret
  • Are you using a Salesforce sandbox or not?

(2) Salesforce User Account

  • Must have access to create, modify, and retrieve Leads, Contacts, Campaigns and modify custom fields on all of the above.
  • This user will be the “creator”/”owner” of the items it creates so it should be a dedicated user so it’s clear what data is coming from the integration vs. added by another Salesforce user.
  • Additional Settings
    • Setting IP restrictions to “Relax IP restrictions”
    • Setting permitted users to “All users may self-authorize”

Once the account is created per the above specifications, please provide the following account information.

  • Username
  • Password +
  • Security Token


If any of the above changes after the initial setup, it will break the integration and require reconfiguration. A team member will be in touch once the Salesforce integration is configured on the Localist side

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