Release Notes (6/28/18)

Tags & Keywords: Smart Matching

Assigning Tags & Keywords just got a whole lot easier! Start typing and Localist will suggest already existing Tags or already used Keywords:

You can now refine event lists according to Tags & Keywords in your admin dashboard:

Default Date Range: Rolling 30-Day

This is a Global Options setting, and it controls what date range is shown when “All Events” or a filter is selected from your calendar homepage. Before this option, it displayed as “This Month” and was a static view that always showed the entire current month, regardless of the date. With this updated option, these pages will show today+30 days worth of events.

Admin CSV Exports

Admins can now exports full CSV’s of events, Places, Groups and Departments. Once you’ve selected the desired link in the left nav, you will find the CSV export button in the top right corner:

If you are exporting events, you can first choose to refine the list then export so the CSV only includes specific events.

Widgets: Call-to-Action

A small, but powerful addition! The default “Classic” and “Modern” templates now include a “View all events” call-to-action at the end of the event listings.

Filters to Landing Pages Conversion

Want to take advantage of all of the benefits landing pages have over filters? This is the tool for you!

What will automatically update?

  • Events and user permissions tied to the original filter will carry over to the landing page.
  • All widgets, feeds and API calls using the original filter will now reference the landing page moving forward.
  • Once converted, the original filter will be permanently deleted.

What will not automatically update?

  • Since filters are just a word/phrase, the landing page will be created with that as the title. All additional details such as the description and photo will need to be manually added. TIP: you can use our new CSV export tool to export your landing pages, edit the CSV and re-upload to easily update all landing pages at once.