Register is an internal tool that allows for managing tickets alongside events, and for your audiences to make secure purchases without leaving the comfort of your Localist calendar. Register was built from the ground up with security in mind. Register is PCI-DSS 3.2 Level 1 compliant and utilizes Stripe, an industry standard payment processing system.

Platform Admin (Setup), Event Admin (Creating/Managing Tickets)

Register Platform Settings

The following settings are for the entire platform and will be applied to every ticket made available to your audience. This portion of Register is only accessible to Platform Admins by navigating to Settings > Platform Settings > Register. 

Field Details
Require Account to Register If unchecked, your audience will be able to register and purchase tickets without logging into the platform first.
Checkout Compliance Level The following terms are available:

  • None
  • Light: Click-wrap “I agree to the terms.”
  • Strong: Checkbox “I agree to the terms.”
  • Hardcode: Terms in a window + checkbox “I agree to the terms.”
Default Operating Currency Defaults to USD.



Similar to ‘I’m Interested’, the ‘Register’ button triggers an email the day before and a review the day after an Event. If the ‘Register’ button links to an external service, such as Eventbrite, it will trigger those emails to the User automatically. If you are using our internal Registration, these emails will automatically send when the User completes a ticket purchase.

Payout Accounts

Payout Accounts are the account that receives the proceeds from ticket sales. These accounts are added through Stripe by selecting +Add Payout Account.

Default Attendee Questions

Questions added in this section are automatically added to every event. You can specify whether an answer is optional or not. Just keep in mind that implementing too many <strong>required</strong> questions on the form can increase the chances of your audience abandoning the ticket buying process.

Adding a Ticket

To use Localist Register, select Tickets & Registration.  The User Localist Register within your event form is checked by default.

Your first step is defining the various tickets (free or priced) that will be available to your audience. You have two options:

  1. +Add Ticket Type — This will create a separate list of tickets. For example, you may create a Ticket for “VIP” options or “General Admission” options.
    • The Type Name will appear as a heading above the corresponding Ticket Group.
    • Once a Ticket Group has been added, select +Add Ticket. Once the Ticket is added, you can drag the ticket listing under the appropriate Ticket Group heading.
  2. +Add Ticket — This will create one kind of ticket within or outside of a Ticket Group. For example, “Kids” or “Senior.”

Add a Ticket Settings

Field Details
Active If unchecked, this ticket option will no longer be available to your audience.
Ticket Name Easily identify various ticket kinds.
Description Let your audience know what kind of ticket they are purchasing.
Ticket Type Select Virtual or Waiting List. By default the Ticket Type will be In Person.
Price Type “Fixed” is for admin-defined pricing while “User-Defined” allows for a donation specified by the end-user.
Fees The processing fee can either be passed onto the customer or absorbed by the organization.
Price Flexible pricing in USD (default) or currency defined by Platform Administrator.

Additional Ticket Options

Field Details
Custom Sale Dates Define when the ticket will go on sale and when it will be taking off sale.
Hidden Ticket will not be visible unless a corresponding promo code is entered.
Tickets Available Set a maximum amount of tickets to be sold.
Minimum Quantity Per Purchase Lowest amount of tickets allowed to be sold per transaction.
Maximum Quantity Per Purchase Highest amount of tickets allowed to be sold per transaction.

Promo Codes

Promo Codes allow for your audience to redeem customized discounts on ticket purchases. To add, select +Add Promo Code.

Field Details
Active If unchecked, this Promo Code will no longer be available to your audience.
Code This is free-text, which means it can be any combination of letters or numbers.
Discount Type Select Amount ($5 off) or Percent (5% off).
Expires Specify the last date this Promo Code can be used.
Number of Uses Specify a maximum number of Promo Code redemptions.
Associated Tickets Select the tickets this Promo Code can be used on.

Attendee Questions

Attendee Questions are any question you’d like to ask your audience prior to them attending your event. These are defined on a per-event basis, not on a per-ticket basis.

Field Details
Question In the Question Type dropdown, select to make this field either short answer which is a free-text field, or multiple-choice where you can set options for attendee responses.
Require Response You can specify whether an answer is optional or not.

Keep in mind, the more required questions you require, the higher the chances are for your audience to abandon the ticket buying process.

Event Registration Settings

These are settings that are defined on a per-event basis, not on a per-ticket basis.

Field Details
Event Capacity This is the overall number of all tickets that can be sold.
Reset Quantities Per Instance If unchecked, this will spread the number of tickets sold across all event dates.
Registration Notifications If checked, the Event Owner will receive an email notification each time someone registers or purchases a ticket.
Payout Account This is the account that receives the proceeds from ticket sales. The platform’s default account will be automatically selected. If the payoff account you need is not listed, please contact a Platform Admin at your organization to see that it is added.

Attendee Experience

When a user visits an event landing page, they will see the various ticket kinds and prices immediately:

Purchasing a Ticket

  • Click the Register button
  • Enter Promo Code

    This is optional.

  • Choose tickets

    Select which tickets and in what amount.

  • Select continue…
  • Complete attendee questions

    These are custom per-event, but may be required for a user to complete.

  • Select continue…
  • Add payment information

    Enter a valid credit or debit card number, expiration date and CVC.

  • Select Pay

    The payment will be processed through Stripe.

Ticket Confirmation & Check In


Once an attendee has purchased a ticket, they will see a registration confirmation on the event details page.

The Email

Users who register for an event will also receive a confirmation email which contains a confirmation number, as well a a unique QR code. This QR code will be scanned on the day of the event upon entry.

Checking In

Event organizers can scan this QR code using any mobile device or tablet with access to Localist and a camera via the Organizer Check In. This can be found on the Event Details Page for that specific event.

The Organizer Check In button and QR code scanning functionality are not available until 48 hours before the event is set to take place. Once a QR code is scanned, attendance will be automatically logged in the Admin Dashboard via the Confirmed Tickets page for that event.


If you are planning on using Stripe’s test feature you will need to do this in the Staging Environment. Since the Staging Environment is linked up with Stripe’s ‘test mode’, you can use a test card (no money will transfer). Your production platform is synced with Stripe’s ‘live mode’, which means you will have to use a real card, make a purchase, and then refund the money to your account in order to test any transactions.