Platform Refresh

If you have a new Platform Lead, or if it’s been several years since you onboarded Localist, our team is here to help with a smooth intro (or re-introduction!) to your calendar with a Platform Refresh Tour

Platform Lead

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider a Platform Refresh?

If one or more of the following applies to your Calendar Team, you could benefit from a Platform Refresh:

  • You have a new main point of contact for your Platform
  • Your Calendar Team (aka folks who help manage the high level admin of the entire platform) is new to Localist
  • It’s been several years since you initially onboarded Localist
  • You’re interested in a full Platform Review to best leverage Localist features in your community
  • You’re interested in migrating to the new Emphasis theme

My organization is new to Localist, is this the correct place to get started?

No, the Platform Refresh Tour is not meant for new customers to Localist. This tour is targeted towards customers who are already live. If you are a new customer, please navigate to the Customer Onboarding Guide to kick off your Onboarding Process with your Onboarding Specialist.

Is the Platform Refresh Tour a good place to start with onboarding my Admins?

No, the PRT is a good place to start with onboarding new members of your Calendar Team. It’s for folks who will be managing the overarching Localist calendar for your community as it includes high-level overviews of all Localist features.

Need help with onboarding your new Admins? We recommend starting with the Admin Training Syllabus. This tool can be used as a base for your internal Localist training needs. It provides:

  • A path for kicking off your own training with new Admins
  • Links to relevant documentation organized by the Permission assigned
  • A list of tasks based on the assigned Permission

Outside of our general Knowledge Base documentation, we publish a monthly “LocaList” listicle with tips and tricks for staying on top of Localist. Our recommendation is the How to Onboard Admins like a Localist Pro LocaList to start. The following LocaLists are particularly helpful for new admins:


The Platform Refresh Tour is not for new customers to Localist, it is meant for customers who are already live with their Localist Platforms, but need to appoint a new Platform Lead. If you are a new customer, please navigate to the Customer Onboarding Guide to get started with the Onboarding Process.


Step 1: Submit Info Form

Tell us about yourself! Before reserving time for your Platform Refresh Tour, the current or new Platform Lead must submit the following form to provide necessary insight for our team to best prepare for your upcoming tour.

Step 2: Schedule your Platform Refresh Tour

Schedule Your Platform Refresh Tour. To reserve a time slot, please follow the below link and prompts provided by Calendly.


Step 3: Bold Services (optional)

If applicable, submit branding assets. If your organization purchased Bold Services to migrate to the new Emphasis Theme, submit your branding assets using the form in the toggle below. Bold services will begin the day we receive your completed Brand Submission Survey. Please make sure your branding assets are ready for application before submitting the form.


This step is for customers who have purchased Bold services only.

Interested in learning more about Bold, or unsure if you have Bold services? Contact us via support@localist.com, and we’ll be happy to put you in contact with your Account Manager for more details!


Bold Brand Submission Survey

Is your brand ready for application?

To ensure you’re ready for Bold services to begin, please confirm that both of the below statements are true before submitting the branding form:

  • Header & Footer are code-complete
  • Your organization’s brand is not under development, nor do you anticipate an upcoming website redesign, layout changes, or major code upgrades in the near future
  • Stylesheets and JavaScripts use non-versioned or static URLs
  • The URLs used to reference stylesheets and JavaScripts in your brand will remain the same and will not change nor update regularly

Not sure if your brand meets this criteria? Contact us via support@localist.com with your web design team or the folks that manage your website cc’d and we’ll be happy to gain further insight on your behalf!


Step 4: Getting Prepared

Get prepared for your tour! Now that your Platform Refresh Tour is scheduled, make the most out of your time by doing some prep-work with your Calendar team ahead of the call.


What is the Platform Refresh Tour?

The Platform Refresh Tour (PRT) is a 60min, high-level overview of Localist’s key features and how they connect with one another. While the PRT includes a screen share presentation, it does not include a breakdown of how-to’s. This information is available through our Knowledge Base content, or instructions may be included in a follow up email for specific on-call questions where appropriate. Depending on your organization’s industry and goals, we’ll be prepared to discuss common use-cases, best practices, and similar customer success.

This call is a chance for your Platform Lead and core members of your Calendar team to:

  • Review your current Localist setup
  • Pinpoint what can be improved
  • Discover what features can be used for new scenarios that have come up
Who should attend the PRT?

Your Platform Lead is the only team member required to attend the PRT, whether they’re new or were involved in the original onboarding process. Since this call is not a how-to training, this invite should not be extended to Event Admins, nor to those who are not directly involved in the high-level administration of your entire platform.

What’s on the PRT agenda?

Below is an outline of Localist features that will be touched on during the PRT. Feel free to explore these features within your platform and/or our Knowledge Base before your PRT, and collect questions you may have — your host will be ready to answer them throughout your tour!

(1) Categorizing Events

(2) Adding Events

(3) Permissions

(4) Promotion

What are the key takeaways?

By the end of this call, your team should have a sense of the following:

  • Localist feature definitions and Permissions
  • Suggestions for features you might not be actively or fully using
  • Solutions to recent roadblocks identified by your team
  • Best practices to elevate both your user and admin experience
  • What next steps should be prioritized