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Does your team have a new Platform Lead? Has it been several years since you’ve implemented Localist? Don’t sweat it! We’re here to help with a smooth introduction (or reintroduction!) to your calendar with a Platform Refresh Tour hosted by a Localist Onboarding Specialist.

What’s on the agenda?

A Platform Refresh Tour (PRT) is a one-hour, high level overview of Localist’s key features (outline below) and how they connect to one another. Depending on your organization’s industry and goals, your Onboarding Specialist will be prepared to discuss use cases and best practices through that unique lens. While the PRT does include a screen share presentation, this call does not include a breakdown of how-to’s. This information is available through our Knowledge Base content or instructions may be included in a follow up email for specific on-call questions where appropriate.

Who should attend?

The only team member required to attend is the Platform Lead, whether they are new or were involved in the original implementation process. Since this call is not a how-to training, this invite should not be extended to Event Admins or to those not directly involved in the high level administration of the entire platform.


Onboarding New Event Admins 

Outside of our general Knowledge Base documentation, we publish a monthly “LocaList” listicle with tips and tricks for staying on top of Localist. We recommend starting with How to Onboard Admins like a Localist Pro. Additionally, the following are particularly helpful for new admins:

What are the key takeaways?

By the end of this call, your team should have a sense of the following:

  • Localist feature definitions and permissions
  • Suggestions for features you might not be actively or fully using
  • Solutions to recent roadblocks identified by your team
  • Best practices to elevate both your user and admin experience
  • What next steps should be prioritized

Scheduling Your Platform Refresh Tour

Step 1: Review “New” Customer Resources

Whether you are new to Localist or not, we highly recommend familiarizing yourself with what is expected from the Localist team and yours. Additionally, reviewing your goals internally will help ensure your team is on the same page attending the call.

  • Support LevelsWhat support is included in your Localist license 
  • Team Prep Overview of your role and how to approach your goals 

Step 2: Tell Us About Yourself

Before reserving time for your PRT in Step 3, the following form must be submitted by the new or current Platform Lead.


Step 3: Scheduling Your Platform Refresh Tour Call

To reserve a time slot, please follow the below link and prompts provided by Calendly.


Step 4: Preparing for Your Platform Refresh Tour

The following is an outline of the Localist features that will be touched on during your PRT. Please feel free to explore these features within your platform or our Knowledge Base beforehand as your Platform Tour host will be ready to answer questions throughout your tour, so we invite you to ask away!

(1) Categorizing Events

  • Places, Groups and Departments
  • Filters
  • Tags and Keywords

(2) Adding Events

  • Public submissions
  • Pending Queue
  • Admin submissions
  • Bulk adding and Feeds

(3) Admin and User Permissions

(4) Event Promotion

  • Promoting individual events
  • Promoting multiple events


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