Support Bold: Progression Calls

Progression calls are check-in calls scheduled at strategic intervals depending on your team’s onboarding status and timeline.

Call Topics

Required: Call 1

All Support Bold customers will kickoff their progression call series with a Classification review that will be scheduled once your team has completed a preliminary Filter list and sent it to your Onboarding Specialist. During this time your Onboarding Specialist will provide tailored recommendations based on best practices and customer success.

Sample Agendas

Once you have completed your Classification review, you will work with your Onboarding Specialist to determine how to best use the 5 remaining calls. Here’s how other customers have successfully used their call time:

Call 2

Wrap up any loose ends with Classification after your team has made necessary edits based on call #1. Typically this call will address how to start adding events through feeds, bulk-uploads, etc. This is also an ideal time to further discuss Admin Permissions.

Call 3

Once your team has started adding events to the platform, your Onboarding Specialist will guide you through how you can prepare to promote events through Channels and Widgets.

Call 4

At this time you will be wrapping up onboarding action items, so this time is optimal for discussing how you will be rolling out your Localist platform to your community.

Call Preparation

To ensure that your time with your Onboarding Specialist is productive, we kindly request the following:

  • Send specific questions and topics you’d like to review to your Onboarding Specialist ahead of the call.
  • Only include team members who are 100% up to speed on your onboarding process and the platform.
  • If a decision is not applicable to your Onboarding Specialist, please hold these discussions until after the call.