Setup Playbook: Enterprise


The following are recommended timelines for implementation. While the exact time dedicated to each task may vary, the order in which you implement the platform must follow the “Order of Events” as outlined below.

30 days
60 days
90 days
120 days
Week 1 Onboarding + Platform Tour Onboarding Prep Onboarding Prep Onboarding Prep
Week 2

1. Classification > Events

2. Technical Setup

Platform Tour Platform Tour Platform Tour
Week 3 Final Touches Classification & Start Technical Setup Classification & Start Technical Setup  Classification & Start Technical Setup
Week 4 Launch Complete Classification + Start Adding Events  …  …
Week 5 Complete Event Transition + Technical Setup  Start Adding Events  …
Week 6 Platform Review Call  …  …
Week 7 Final Touches  Complete Technical Setup  Start Adding Events
Week 8 Launch  …
Week 9  …
Week 10  Final Touches  …
Week 11  …  Complete Technical Setup
Week 12  Launch  …
Week 13  …
Week 14  Final Touches
Week 15
Week 16  Launch

Fast Track

The following is an all inclusive list of features, so depending on your orgs needs and goals, you may or may not use certain features. Consult with your implementation specialist to evaluate how certain features may more directly impact your timeline.

Order of Events

The following takes into account all Localist setup features and outlines the order in which they should be completed. Parts (1), (2) and (3) can be completed in parallel.