Photo Library

The Photo Library enables you to curate photos for your admins and users to select from directly within the event submission form.

Fast Facts

  • Who can add photos — Only Platform Admins can contribute to the Photo Library.
  • What is the limit — The Photo Library can hold unlimited photos.
  • Who can use the Photo Library — All admins and all users have access to selecting all photos from the Photo Library. It is not possible to designate “admin-only” or “user-only” photos.
  • Is it searchable — No, the Photo Library can only be browsed.

Adding Photos to the Photo Library


Less is more — don’t overwhelm your admins and users with too many photos. The more photos you add, the less likely they are to browse and the more likely they are to select the first match they find or abandon the library completely.

 What Should Be Included?

  1. Generic Photos — since these can be selected by any admin or user for any event, they should not be too specific. For example, an image for a concert should focus on the crowd and not a specific artist.
  2. High Quality — since these will be used by a large portion or your event submitters, and subsequently be displayed throughout your platform, be sure that they are aesthetically pleasing, high resolution and, on-brand photos.

Follow These Steps:

  • Navigate to Content > Photo Library
  • Select +Add Photo
  • Upload Photos
  • Save Changes

    Once saved, your photo will immediately be available in the Photo Library.

Recent Items

The Photo Library also includes a Recent Items section that is unique per-user.

  • What does it include — This includes both unique photos uploaded as well as any photos selected from the library.
  • How many are included — Up to 5 photos will be included in this section at a time.
  • What timeframe — The photos included will only be from the past 30 days

Photo Fallback Chain

The Fallback Chain ensures that an event never shows up on the calendar without a photo. If a user or admin doesn’t include a unique photo, their event still receives a related groupplace, or organization photo. Localist automatically displays one of five possible photo types for an event depending on the information given:

  • If an event is in a feed and the feed includes a photo override, that photo will be the first in the chain. Subsequently, it will override any unique photos included in the feed.

Adding a Fallback Photo

  • Navigate to Content > Photo Library
  • Select +Add Photo

    If you wish to assign an existing photo as the Fallback Image then select the photo.

  • Check Event/Place Fallback or User Fallback
    • Event/Place: will assign this image as the last step in the Fallback Chain.
    • User Fallback: will display the photo in lieu of the default gray user image.
  • Save Changes


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