Photo Fallback Chain

The Fallback Chain ensures that an event never shows up on the calendar without a photo. If a user or admin doesn’t include a unique photo, their event still receives a related groupplace, or organization photo. Localist automatically displays one of five possible photo types for an event depending on the information given:



  • If an event is in a feed and the feed includes a photo override, that photo will be the first in the chain. Subsequently, it will override any unique photos included in the feed.



Adding a Fallback Photo

1. In your admin dashboard, navigate via Content > Photo Library

2. If you are adding a new photo, click +Add Photo.

3. If you wish to assign an existing photo as the Fallback Image then select the photo.

4. When in the photo’s edit form, you will see Event/Place Fallback and User Fallback listed as the last two items.


  • Event/Place will assign this image as the last step in the Fallback Chain.
  • User Fallback will display the photo in lieu of the default gray user image.