Pending Queue

The Pending Queue is where all event submissions by users who are not Event Admins or Trusted Users will be sent to await approval by an Event Admin before they are posted to the calendar. In this article you’ll find:

  • Submission Workflow
  • Approving a Submitted Event
  • Pending Digest

Submission Workflow

Approving a Submitted Event

  • Start by logging into your Admin Dashboard

    Navigate to Events > Pending

  • Click on an event’s name to view the event

    Make any desired changes

  • Check off “Approved” at the top of the form

    Save Changes


Alternatively, you can Approve or Reject an event directly from the Pending listing:

  • Approve: Selecting this button will approve the event and it will be immediately posted to the calendar.
  • Reject: Clicking this button pops up a message form to send to the submitter to explain why an event has been rejected. A rejection message is not required to reject an event.

Pending Digest

Every day at 4PM EST, Localist sends a reminder with a list of all events awaiting approval in the Pending Queue to the specified recipients in the Pending Digest Email field in Global Options. The pending digest includes all or nothing–it does not take into account Allowed or Excluded permissions on a user’s account. However, when restricted users navigate to the pending queue, the events they see are limited by their permissions. The digest also includes feed status updates.

To add an email to this list, navigate via Settings > Global Options in your Admin Dashboard. The Pending Digest Email field appears under Contact. There is no limit as to how many emails can receive the digest.