Onboarding FAQ

Curious about your new events calendar? This article answers some commonly asked questions for teams who are just getting started with Localist.

What is Localist?

Localist is a SaaS product that functions as an events calendar. This tool balances the needs of the event manager, with the ideal audience experience making publishing, managing, and promoting your communities events simple.

Where can I find user training materials?

The Localist Knowledge Base includes guides to all features and functionalities! Localist also provides monthly articles centered around specific features and provides workflows for common event management needs. LocaLists answer general questions about how Admins can best manage events on their Platform.

If you’re looking for custom guidelines specific to your organization’s workflows, start by consulting your internal team with any resources they’ve created.

Who is responsible for managing and making changes to the platform?

Your organization will have a team of Platform Admins that will be responsible for overseeing content and customizations. This includes adding Feeds, app integrations, branding customizations, notification settings and adding photos to the Photo Library.

The Localist Team does not manage platforms on behalf of organizations, so if you need assistance, you will need to get in touch with your internal Calendar Team.

What kinds of events can be added?

Any event that is tied to a date such as webinars, concerts, holidays or deadlines. They can be in-person, virtual, or a hybrid of the two.

Need to import these events in bulk? Platform Admins can bulk import events using the Bulk Add feature for a one-time bulk upload, or by setting up a Feed for continuous importing.

How can I share event content outside of Localist?

Widgets, API, Bulletin, Promotion Emails and Social Sharing all allow for sharing event content outside of Localist.

I’m not able to log in, who should I contact for assistance?

If you’re logging in with an SSO account (ex: yourname@yourorganization.com), your organization’s IT department will need to assist with resetting the account password.

If logging in with Social Accounts ( Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google), the password will need to be changed at the source.

If you’re logging in using a Local account, contact support with the following information for assistance:

  • Email Address
  • Timestamp of most recent log-in attempt
  • If applicable, any error codes or messages that display

How can I contact Localist support and what can I expect ?

Users and Event Admins are encouraged to refer to their internal calendar team for assistance on managing events.

Platform Admins can contact Localist Support directly by filling out the Support contact form:

Contact Support

The Localist Support team can assist with the following:

  • General questions related to using the platform and features ( Event Submissions, Widgets, Register, Bulletin, Department/Group pages, Photos, Feeds etc.)
  • Suggestions for Admin workflows
  • Troubleshooting technical issues related to the software ( bugs, calendar is down, etc)
  • Branding
  • Single Sign On set up
  • SSL/Domain set up
  • User Account help

I have an idea for a new Localist feature or improvement. Where can I submit a suggestion?

Suggestions and ideas submitted using Localist’s Suggestion Box are sent to Localist’s Product team directly for consideration.

Suggestion Box