Localist API

For terms of use, concepts and resources, Localist’s master API documentation can be found here: http://www.localist.com/doc/api

Basic Rules

  • Localist’s API is read-only and publicly accessible.
  • Calls will pull 10 items per page by default, but can be increased to up to 100 per page (this is well-above industry standard).
  • The maximum date range that the API call pull from is 370 days from today or the start date you specify.
  • If a start date is not specified, then the API will default to only pulling event data from today.

Building an API Call

All API calls must start with http://your.custom.domain/api/2/

  • Events: http://your.custom.domain/api/2/events
  • Places: http://your.custom.domain/api/2/places
  • Groups: http:/your.custom.domain/api/2/groups

Paging: http://your.custom.domain/api/2/events?type=38570&pp=100&page=1

  • This will pull 100 results per page so to access the next 100 you would change the 1 in page=1 to 2, etc.

Date Range

  • Start and End date: http://your.custom.domain/api/2/events?type=38570&pp=100&page=1& start=2014-10-01&end=2014-11-01
  • Today + number of future days: http://your.custom.domain/api/2/events?days=90 (the maximum is 370 days).