Prepare for Launch

It’s almost go-time! You’ll know you’re ready to shift gears and enter this stage of onboarding when you meet the following qualifications:

(1 ) Your platform is finished or in the final stages with regards to setting up Classifications, branding, SSO and Custom Domain

(2) Your platform has been seeded with event content

(3) If applicable, your core group of Platform Admins has completed Event Admin onboarding or is actively training new admins


1. Submit domain to Google Search Console

You can give Google a “heads up” about your new platform if a new domain is being used. That said, this is not an instant SEO switch and you will need to follow through with what is outlined in our resource, Promoting Your Platform.

2. Add custom domain to your website’s internal search

While this depends on the exact tool you’re using, this is often as easy as submitting your platform’s Custom Domain as a domain that should be searched within the tool.

Main Website

3. Provision your homepage Widget

A prominent Widget communicates to your audience that events are very important to the organization. If you’re trying to grab folks’ attention and drive traffic back to the calendar, we recommend a Widget with page real estate in its own right.

4. Prepare to switch over links on your website

If your Custom Domain is different than the platform before Localist, be prepared to switch links over in the following corners:

  • Website header/footer or homepage
  • Group/department/place/sub-pages
  • Email newsletters
  • Social media postings
  • Printed collateral
  • Internal resources

Internal Announcements

5. Communicate launch/cutover to internal stakeholders

If you haven’t already, we highly recommend that you dedicate time before launch to informing internal stakeholders and future admins of your timeline and plans for rolling out Localist.

6. Host a training or information session

To ease the transition, we encourage your team to host at least one informational session where you can distribute resources or answer initial admin questions.

Final Check

7. Platform walkthrough

  1. Remove test content
  2. Double check brand customizations (desktop + mobile)

8. Request that the “under development” banner is removed

Let your Onboarding Specialist know that you’re ready for the banner to be removed when launching is on the immediate horizon!