Intro to Branding Tools

Localist offers three branding tools (Brand Template, Custom CSS, and the HTML Theme Editor) that work together to achieve anything from a basic theming to extensive customization.

Platform Admin

Brand Template

As your main branding tool, the Brand Template allows your Localist platform to adopt your main website’s header, footer, and base CSS. For organizations looking to achieve a slick, but simple level of customization, implementing a wrapper is the first and only step toward achieving 100% brand adoption.

Custom CSS

Custom CSS allows you to make surface level changes to elements that are already built, whether by the customer or provided out-of-the-box by Localist. You can add Custom CSS to the stylesheet within your wrapper or directly into Localist. With Custom CSS, you’re able to make changes to:

  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Buttons
  • Background, shadows and borders
  • Border Radius
  • Sizing
  • Text decoration

HTML Theme Editor

You can use Localist’s Theme Editor to access your platform’s HTML to customize how your event data is presented.

In the Theme Editor you can:

  • Add a link to a platform page
  • Move elements
  • Add Custom Guidelines to the event submission form
  • Change what photo size is referenced

Appearance Interface

Navigate via Settings > Platform Settings > Appearance, you’ll see the following fields:

Field Details
SILK Wrapper (Brand Template) URL If you are using our SILK Wrapper feature, save your wrapper’s URL here. To activate the new wrapper or force an update, select the Refresh Wrapper link below the field.
Include Localist Styles Unchecking this setting will remove all default CSS from the platform.
User Help URL This URL will be posted on your platform’s Admin Dash.
Default Date Range Dictates the time range and amount of events that will be displayed upon selecting a filter so the number on the homepage will always reflect this. Select one of the following:

  • Today: Shows events for today.
  • This Week: Shows events within the current week.
  • Next 30 Days: Shows all events within the next 30 days.
Show Event Types on Event Items If checked, the Event Type associated with events will display when events are in lists (i.e. Trending, all events, Filtered pages, etc).
Default Map View Select one of the following:

  • Standard: Default street-view map.
  • Satellite: Google’s Satellite-view map.
Logo & Link If you are not using a wrapper or header/footer template, you can upload a logo here that will display in the top left corner of the default header. The URL entered will be attached to the logo.

Platform Themes

Field Details
+ Add Theme Click to add a new theme.
Name Name of the themes on your platform.
Status You’ll see either:

  • Active: This indicates that the theme is Active.
  • Activate: Click this link if you’d like to activate the theme.
Actions Select one of the following: