Implementation Phases

Phase 1: Kickoff

Welcome Call

During the welcome call, you’ll chat with your dedicated Customer Success Manager. Over the course of this casual conversation, you’ll discuss goals for the upcoming year, your implementation resources and set next steps for the kickoff call.

Kickoff Call

The purpose of the Kickoff Call is to give you a launching point. During this call your Implementation Specialist will give you basic-level information about the platform in order for you to devise a game plan for launch.

Optional: Strategy Call

These calls are tailored to fit your specific needs and are used to discuss best practices and available solutions as well as address any roadblocks you may encounter.

Pre-Launch Call

On this call, your Implementation Specialist will do a thorough platform review and present suggestions and actionable feedback with best practices in mind. Additionally, you will discuss promotion strategies and metrics to track.


Brainstorming & Outlining



Phase 2: Branding, Classifications & Content

Start implementing branding:

If applicable: Implement SSO

Add classification and content (in this order)

  1. Filters
  2. Landing Pages: Places & Groups
  3. Tags & Keywords
  4. If applicableModify Admin Permissions
  5. Events



Phase 3: Defining Key Pieces & Promotion Strategy

Global Options

Curate content

Promotion Strategy