I’m Interested

I’m Interested is a way to gauge event interest and provide a ballpark idea of attendance numbers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can this be turned off? Can it be turned off on a per-event basis?

You can hide I’m Interested from your platform all-together with CSS. However, you can also turn it off on a per-event basis by navigating to the event’s edit form > scroll to the Recent Activity section > uncheck Allow User Interest > Save Changes.

Can we hide attendees on the front end?

Yup! Again, you can hide attendees on the front-end with CSS.

Can we customize the reminder/review emails?

Nope! At this time, it’s not possible to customize emails from Localist.

How it Works

1. When a user selects I’m Interested, the event will be added to My Plans in the user’s dashboard (their personal Localist calendar). If it is a repeating event, the user will be prompted to select all dates or specific instances of the event.

2. After selecting the I’m Interested button, a “You’re interested” message will appear in place of the “I’m Interested button”. To remove the event, the user only needs to select change dates (recurring event) or not interested (non-recurring event).

3. The user will then be added to the “People Interested” box and will be listed in Metrics > People Interested found on the event’s edit page in the Admin Dashboard.

4. The user will receive two notification emails:

  • Reminder:  The day before the event, users who selected I’m Interested will automatically receive an email reminder to attend the event.
  • Review:  The day after the event, users who selected I’m Interested will automatically receive an email prompting them to review the event.

I’m Interested + Ticketing

The I’m Interested functionality does not take the place of official ticketing as there is no cap on how many people can select I’m Interested and no purchases are made via this method. The purpose of this functionality is to add the event to a user’s personal calendar to trigger the reminder + review emails.

If an event includes a ticket URL for purchasing or registering, users will be prompted to continue to the external ticketing service when they select the “I’m Interested button”. If it is a free event (ticket URL + no price or the word “free” in the Cost field) the button will display Register.