ICS Feeds

ICS feeds adhere to the iCalendar standard. ICS includes feeds from, but not limited to, iCal, Outlook, Exchange, Google Calendar, Presence, SideArm, Trumba, OrgSync and CollegiateLink.

Platform Admin (Importing), User (Exporting)

The Anatomy of a Localist ICS Feed

BEGIN:VEVENT (This indicates the start of an event)

SUMMARY: Event’s Title

LOCATION: Location of the event

DESCRIPTION: A brief description of the event

DTSTART;TZID: Start time

DTEND;TZID: End time

CATEGORIES: Localist Filters

UID: External ID

  • An External ID tells our system that this is event #1, so each time the Feed imports it will match the previously imported event #1. If your events do not have an External ID, Localist will see each event as “new” during every import.
  • The External ID can be anything, like a numerical string or a URL. 

END:VEVENT (This indicates the end of an event)