Localist is able to connect with HubSpot to automatically export your event’s ticket purchase/registration data to your HubSpot account. Localist’s communication with Hubspot is Localist -> HubSpot only.

Platform Admin

HubSpot Export Info

The following data will be exported once per attendee. For example, if one purchase includes three tickets, there will be three form submissions. This data will be exported once and immediately upon completing a purchase or registration.

  • Event Name
  • Event Owner
    • Name (first/last is split on first space)
    • Email Address
    • Localist ID
  • Event Location
    • Name
    • Address (Ex: 8484 Georgia Ave Silver Spring MD 20910)
    • Street (8484 Georgia Ave)
    • City (Silver Spring)
    • State (MD)
    • Zip (20910)
    • Country
    • Custom Fields on Place Pages*
  • Event Custom Fields*
  • Purchaser
    • Name (first/last is split on first space)
    • Email Address
    • Localist ID
  • Order
    • Total
    • Localist ID
    • Currency (USD)
  • Attendee
    • Name (first/last is split on first space)
    • Email Address
    • Ticket Type
    • Ticket Questions*

Integration Setup

Localist Side

*Ticket Questions and Custom Fields on Event/Place Pages are the only data points not baked into the platform by default. If you need to collect this information, start by adding these fields to your platform before proceeding to setup within HubSpot.

HubSpot Side

After you’ve added any Custom Fields or Ticket Questions, create a unique HubSpot form to collect the Localist Register data. If you’d like to collect all data points outlined above, you must have a corresponding field in your HubSpot form. Once created, please send the following information to support@localist.com: 

  1. The form’s embed code
  2. The “contact property name” for every field you would like pulled into the form. Please format your list as follows:
    • Localist Field = HubSpot contact property name 
      • Example: Event Owner First Name = firstname
      • Example: Event Owner Email Address = owner_emailaddress

After these details are provided, a team member will be in touch once the HubSpot integration is configured on the Localist side.