📅 How to Add Every Kind of Event 📅

Events by Length of Time

Single Day Events

Single day events are events that have a start/end date and time that occur on the same day. These events do not lapse over the course of more than one day.

Examples: Bake Sale, Concert, Movie Screening
Event Admins and Users

Holidays, Dates & Deadlines

These are just single day events typically without a location that often communicate the start and/or end of an observance or time period. That means you can add them just like you would a single day event!

Examples: Thanksgiving, Final Exams, Last Day to Drop Classes
Event Admins and Users

Recurring Event

Recurring events are any event that happens more than once with there often being a repeated pattern or a short series of related events. Recurring Events include two layers: the overarching event (exhibition) and instances for each day and/or time (day 1).

Examples: Lecture series, meetings, exhibition, fitness classes

Event Admins and Users can add recurring events by utilizing the Repeating drop down found under Schedule.

Conferences & Multi-Date Events

Conferences are a “moment in time” event spanning multiple days in a row and/or include scheduled sessions within the main “conference.”

Examples: Festivals, workshops, orientations/trainings, special series or any event that spans overnight.

Event Admins can add Conferences by navigating to Events > + Add Conference.

Events by Experience

Event Experience reflects the format of an event and how members of a community can attend or participate.

Event Admins and Users can utilize these options by adding the event per usual and selecting one of the following Experience types:

  • In-Person Events: Any event that is tied to a physical location.
  • Virtual Event: Not tied to a physical location and are hosted virtually on stream services such as Zoom or Webex. Localist allows for the display of stream details on event listings for easy user access on the day of the event.
  • Hybrid Event: A mix of virtual and in-person. When the Hybrid Experience selection is made, both the physical location and stream details are visible on the event listing.

Events by Cost

Event Admins are able to utilize Localist Register to create tickets with various pricing. To add a ticket, select the Tickets & Registration tab and create your ticket per the instructions found in our Register documentation and apply one of the following event cost options:

  • Free
  • Paid
  • Fundraisers/Donations

Events by Privacy

Event Visibility allows for events to be fully discoverable by the public or only available when directly shared. For for details, check out our dedicated LocaList, 4 Ways to Host Private Events.

Platform and Event Admins can add private or hidden events.


Events by Amount

Single Event

Whether you have a small handful of events or just one event to add, you can use one of the following forms based off of Permissions:

Base-level Users (PESF)/ Platform and Event Admins (Admin Form).

  • Public Event Submission Form: The PESF is how non-admin users submit events to your platform for approval. To access the submission form, the user must be logged in and will navigate to the Submit an Event button.
  • Admin Event Form: The Admin Form offers additional and advanced functionality beyond the Public Event Submission Form—such as Tags, Keywords, Visibility, etc.

Multiple Events

If you have a large amount of events you’d like to add to Localist, there are two ways you can accomplish this:

Platform Admins.

  • Bulk-Add: Localist’s bulk-add feature allows Admins to build an Excel (.xls) or CSV (.csv) spreadsheet and upload/update many events at once.
  • Feeds: Admins can add feeds to import event content (from other platforms) into Localist.