Implementation Map:
Localist for Higher Education

Scheduled Calls

The following calls are staples in the implementation process and are integral to your organization’s success with Localist.

Host Customer Success Manager Implementation Specialist Implementation Specialist
Who should attend? Main point of contact (required) + second in command (optional) Main point of contact (required) + key decision makers (tech/design or lead calendar admins – optional) Main point of contact (required) + only those who also attended the Kickoff Call
What will be covered? Org/dep insight, past event marketing/calendar experience, Localist goals and implementation resources. High-level information about the platform in order for you to devise a game plan for launch. Thorough platform review, suggestions and actionable feedback following best practices, promotion strategies and metrics to track.
What should you prepare? Scope of Services questions & Year #1 goals Browse your new platform & admin dash Send support a list of remaining questions & double check your Implementation Tracker.


The following are recommended timelines for implementation. While the exact time dedicated to each task may vary, the order in which you implement the platform must follow the “Order of Events” as outlined below.

30 days
60 days
90 days
120 days
Week 1 Welcome Call + Kickoff Call Welcome Call Welcome Call Welcome Call
Week 2

1. Classification > Events

2. Technical Setup

Kickoff Call  Kickoff Call  Kickoff Call
Week 3 Platform Review Call + Final Touches Classification & Start Technical Setup Classification & Start Technical Setup  Classification & Start Technical Setup
Week 4 Launch Complete Classification + Start Adding Events  …  …
Week 5 Complete Event Transition + Technical Setup  Start Adding Events  …
Week 6 Platform Review Call  …  …
Week 7 Final Touches  Complete Technical Setup  Start Adding Events
Week 8 Launch  …  …
Week 9  Platform Review Call  …
Week 10  Final Touches  …
Week 11  …  Complete Technical Setup
Week 12  Launch  …
Week 13  …
Week 14  Platform Review Call
Week 15  Final Touches
Week 16  Launch

Order of Events

Implementation steps are split into two categories: Content and Technical. Each section has an order of steps, but the sections as a whole can (and should) be worked on in parallel.

 1. Classification 1. Brand Template Development
Filters 2. Theme Editor Updates & Additions
Custom Fields 3. CSS Customizations & Clean up
Places + Groups/Departments  
Tags & Keywords Custom Domain + SSL
2. Add Events  Single-sign On  
Submission Form

Guidelines & User Help

 Feeds  Global Options
 Bulk Add  
 3. Promotion  

– Custom Widget Templates

 Featured & Sponsored  

Fast Track

In a time crunch? Below you’ll find each Implementation feature and task designated as “need to have” or “nice to have” when it comes to launching your platform in the fastest time with the least amount of work as possible.

That said, once your “need to haves” are checked off, you will need to continue to work on the “nice to haves” as once your platform is out in the wild, these features will still be absolutely essential to the overall long term success of your platform.

NEED to have for a launch

  • Homepage WidgetWidgets allow you to curate events based on already existing Classifications (Groups, Departments, Filters, Tags, Keywords) to display on an external site. Having a Widget on SOU’s homepage will drive traffic back to your new calendar!
  • Promoting EventsFeatured and Sponsored events are a great way to help promote your coolest and most unique events. Featuring an event puts it in the Featured Events Carousel at the top of your platform and Sponsoring an event gives it a boost in trending and different branding.
  • User and Admin Permissions: Our permissions are non-hierarchical, so if you want an Admin to be able to do everything, they need all boxes checked.
  • Custom Domain: Make sure to set up a CNAME to get a Custom Domain.
  • Branding: You’re able to make changes to Fonts, Colors, and CSS to adopt your unique branding without your Brand Template.

NICE to have for launch

  • ChannelsChannels are a Promotion tool for short-term events or a topical theme. Events like Welcome Week, Graduation, Homecoming, or Athletics are great examples of channels.
  • WidgetsWidgets allow you to curate events based on already existing classification (groups, filters, tags, keywords) to display on an external site.
  • Custom FieldsCustom Fields allow you to collect any additional information that your organization needs.
  • Custom Submission Form Guidelines: Provide instructions for your users when submitting events.
  • Brand Template: This is your main tool for branding, and this guide will help you set it up.
  • Theme EditorThis is our guide to using the Localist Theme Editor for any HTML changes you want to make to the design of the platform.
  • SSO: We support CAS, LDAP/AD, and Shibboleth/SAML/ADFS. More information on how to get set up here.