Setup Game Plan

Before scheduling a Platform Tour with your Onboarding Specialist, we encourage your team to evaluate your timeline and resources together to set unified onboarding expectations. To jumpstart this process, we’ve outlined the most common influencers and roadblocks that have helped other customers set their eyes on a target launch date.

Internal Assessments

Your Timeline

Get started by determining if there are any objective deadlines that you must meet. A few examples may include:

  • License expiring on current solution
  • Website redesign launch
  • Start of a new semester
  • Planned leave of absence on your team

If YES, you have an objective deadline –> this is your deadline!

If NO, you don’t have an objective launch deadline –> your timeline is flexible and may be dependent on broader priorities and team resources

Your Priorities

Next, determine if the priority level of your implementation aligns with your ideal timeline.

  • What or who is driving urgency? 
    • Is this an organizational wide initiative? Have new goals been set for events with your organization?
  • Is this a priority for just the immediate calendar team?
    • Was selecting a new platform a cross-functional initiative?
    • Will you need to seek approval throughout the process from other teams or units?
  • How much buy-in do you already have from other departments, groups or other units?
    • Were folks representing these sub-organizations involved in the decision to purchase a new calendar platform?

Your Resources

Finally, take stock of team and internal resources.

Is there someone familiar and available to assist with:

  • Technical: Setting up Custom Domain/SSL or SSO?
  • Branding: Applying CSS/HTML customizations and interpreting your organization’s visual identity?
  • External Announcement & Promotion: Your formal launch and cross-channel promotion?

How many people will be involved with:

  • Classification & Event Content: Outlining and adding classifications and event content?
  • Internal Rollout & Training: Bringing new admins into the fold, including permission escalation and training?

Setup Expectations

Below you’ll find on average what is reasonably accomplished in an immediate <7 day launch vs. a standard <30 day launch. That said, beyond 30 days, you can reasonably expect to use all features at their full capacity if your implementation is a priority and the necessary internal team resources are available to you.

< 7 Days to Launch

  • 1 Admin onboarded to manage
  • Custom Domain/SSL
  • Logos/Colors/Fonts
  • Filters
  • 1 Event
  • Register payout account

< 30 Days to Launch

  • SSO
  • Places/Groups/Departments
  • Full Branding
  • Photo Library/Fallback Chain
  • Multiple events
  • Multiple admins


What’s Next?

Schedule Your Platform Tour

Now that you’ve assembled your team and defined your game plan, it’s time to schedule your Platform Tour to officially kick off your onboarding process!


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