Featured & Sponsored

Featuring and Sponsoring events are ways to give extra attention to specific events on your platform.

Event Admin + Feature/Sponsor

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Featured & Sponsored Events?

Featured Events get a spot in the Featured Carousel at the top of your homepage for effortless discoverability. Similarly, Sponsored Events receive a softer endorsement — they will have unique styling to make them pop and get a boost in the Trending algorithm.

How many events can be Featured or Sponsored at the same time?

You can flag an infinite amount of events as Featured & Sponsored.

Who can make events Featured or Sponsored?

Anyone who has User + Event Admin + Feature/Sponsor Permissions.

Is it possible to pause the Featured Carousel

Yes, there is a play/pause button in the Featured Carousel next to the slide dots.

Featured Events

Featured events are events that you would like to give a prime spot on your calendar homepage or channels in the Featured Events Carousel to receive some extra attention.

Featuring an Event

  • Navigate to Events > Live
  • Select the desired event from the list
  • From the Featured dropdown select which Channel(s) (including the homepage) you want the event Featured on
  • Save Changes
  • Assigning in a Bulk Upload CSV: In the Featured Tabs column, enter the name of the Featured Tab
  • The names must match exactly. The name is what appears in the Featured dropdown on the Admin Event Edit Form.

Sponsored Events

Sponsored events are a way to give an event unique styling throughout the calendar and a prominent spot on your homepage in your Trending events list. The event will be given an automatic boost in the Trending algorithm, which will result in ranking higher in any Trending list–whether on your homepage or another channel. Not to mention, unique styling can be specified with Custom CSS so that the event stands out in the Trending events list and other results pages.

Sponsoring an Event

  • Navigate to Events > Live
  • Select the desired event from the list
  • Check the Sponsored box under Settings
  • Save Changes
  • Assigning in a Bulk Upload CSV: In the Sponsored column, enter 1, y, yes or true to trigger the Sponsored property

Changing Styling on Sponsored Events

Custom CSS for Sponsored events

  • Background:  .item.sponsored
  • Title:  .item.sponsored h3.summary a
  • Location:  .item.sponsored div.location a
  • I’m Interested:  .item.sponsored a.imgoing

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