Event Statuses

By default, all events in Localist are considered “live.” If you have a changes of plans do not delete your events! Using Localist’s built-in status option will ensure that your community is as up-to-date as possible when browsing your events. Here’s how:

In your Admin Dash event form, you will find the Status dropdown below the Description box. Here you will find the following options:

  1. Live – default
  2. Canceled
  3. Postponed
  4. Sold Out

With the exception of the “Live” status, the other statuses will be appended to your event’s title on the listing and details page: {{ STATUS }}: {{ EVENT NAME }}. If you manually added a status phrase to the title, you will need to remove it before applying a status. Once applied, administrators will also be able to refine the live or pending event lists to display only a particular status.

Bulk Updating Event Statuses

  • Start by logging into your Admin Dashboard

    Navigate to Events > Live

  • Select Export CSV in the top bar.

    Localist will send the resulting CSV to your account’s email address.

  • Open your CSV and find the column labeled Status

    Add one of the following: Canceled, Postponed or Sold Out

  • When complete, navigate to Events > Bulk Add > Upload

    Event listings on your platform’s homepage and in Widgets may take 15 minutes or so to update.

NOTE: One caveat to this is if you’re using Excel, be sure to check that you see the full numerical Localist ID (first column) and not something like “918+”. If you do see an incomplete number like that, you should not use Excel in this workflow or else you will end up with duplicates after uploading. Google Sheets and Numbers are both working alternatives if you encounter this!

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