Event Promotion

The Promotion tool that allows Admins to share information about their events on Twitter, LinkedIn and email, all within your Admin Dash. Posts can be scheduled ahead of time to keep your audience engaged or this tool can be used to inform your audience of vital information on a per-event basis. The Promotion tool can post to the following platforms:

  1. Twitter
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Email

Event Admin

Creating a Promotion

Promotion is available for live events and will only appear after an event has been saved. To get started, select New Post in the Promotion section that is now available in the event form’s right sidebar. Depending on the service selected, you will have the option of customizing the copy of the post.

If you are posting to Twitter or LinkedIn for the first time, you will be prompted to authenticate with your desired account first. Email does not require authentication and will be sent “from” your Localist account’s email address. The ability to post to any of the available platforms is not dictated by a Localist Permission and is not connected to an Admin’s “allowed” permissions. Instead, each individual Admin can only post to accounts they are personally able to authorize.

  • Example: say you have two Admins for the English department: Admin A has access to the English Dept Twitter account, while Admin B does not. If Admin B adds an event that makes them the “event owner.” However, they do not have access to the English Department’s Twitter account. Admin A, having access to edit English Dept events in Localist, can go into the event and schedule a posting because they do have access to the Twitter account.

Example Posts


  • Included: hashtag, start date (next date if recurring), start/end times, photo, event name, platform URL


  • Included: hashtag, start date (next date if recurring), start/end times, location, photo, event name, description, platform URL


  • Included: subject (included in subject line and body), custom message, event name, reply note (cannot be customized)