Emphasis Migration Process

The Customer Experience Team has got you covered when it comes to migrating from Legacy to Emphasis. Learn more about the migration process from start to finish!



Migration Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost associated with upgrading to Emphasis?

No! Upgrading to Emphasis and taking advantage of the new included features is 100% included in your license.

What role will the Localist Team play in upgrading from Legacy to Emphasis?

The Localist Customer Experience Team (CX) will spin up Emphasis in your platform’s Staging Environment, and apply your brand as it appears on your Legacy platform (i.e. application of the same header/footer if applicable, as well as your existing colors and fonts.) When you’re ready to upgrade your Production platform, the CX Team will handle the migration process on your behalf. That said, packages are available for an additional fee if you need things like application of a new brand (ex. a new header/footer, colors, and fonts), or a guaranteed turnaround time for the migration.

Can we upgrade our platform to Emphasis instead of the Localist Team?

Of course! While you will still need to coordinate with the CX Team to get started, and eventually, transition the theme from Staging to Production, your team is more than welcome to take the reins on reimagining and implementing your brand on Emphasis.

Can we schedule a time to upgrade to Emphasis

Yes! The CX Team is available to transition the approved Emphasis theme from Staging to Production Monday – Friday from 9am – 5pm ET. Upgrading your Production platform takes a few minutes and no downtime is required.

Once Emphasis is live on our production platform, can we continue to submit our branding tweaks to the Localist team?

After Emphasis is live on your platform, Localist will provide a one-week grace period for you to submit any final tweaks that may have been missed during the migration process. Beyond that, it will be your team’s responsibility to make further customizations. That said, if you have Bold Services, the CX Team will continue to accept branding tweaks until the expiration of your services.

What’s Next?

Submit Your Brand

After exploring Emphasis updates, and reviewing the migration process, you can submit your brand to the Localist CX Team to kick off the process!

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