Emphasis Bold Branding Survey

Complete the form below if your organization purchased Bold Services for Localist to complete the application of your brand on the Emphasis theme. Bold Services begin once we receive your completed brand. Not sure if you have Bold services? Contact us via support@localist.com¬†and we’ll be happy to provide further insight!

Is your brand ready for application?

To ensure you’re ready for Bold services to begin, please confirm that both of the below statements are true before submitting the branding form:

  • Header & Footer are code-complete
  • Your organization’s brand is not under development, nor do you anticipate an upcoming website redesign, layout changes, or major code upgrades in the near future
  • Stylesheets and JavaScripts use non-versioned or static URLs
  • The URLs used to reference stylesheets and JavaScripts in your brand will remain the same and will not change nor update regularly

Not sure if your brand meets this criteria? Contact us via support@localist.com with your web design team or the folks that manage your website cc’d and we’ll be happy to gain further insight on your behalf!