Email Templates

Email Templates allow you to customize the HTML of the email notifications sent by your platform. The template language is Liquid. This tool does not include Bulletin newsletters. Learn more about customizing Bulletins here.

Platform Admin

Customizing Email Templates

Start by navigating to Settings Platform Settings Appearance and select Edit HTML for your Email Templates:

General Customizations

Organization Logo

By default, all emails will include your organization’s name in the header as it is set in the Platform Display Name field via Settings > Platform Settings:

To display a logo instead of your Platform Display Name, upload a logo in the below Logo & Link field:

Colors & Fonts

To change the Font Colors and Font Families being used across all email notifications, open the template _header found under Shared. You’ll find the following on lines 7-23:

  • All links: color
  • Header top bar background color & text color
  • Button color & button text color
  • Body text color
  • Footer text color
  • Header font families & main font families

Template Files

To further edit the content of the email notifications, you will need to edit each notification individually:


Template Details
Tomorrow’s Plans When a user marks themselves as “I’m Interested,” an email will send the day before the event occurs to remind them that they have plans the next day. If the user is interested in more than one event, it will show them a full list, not sending one event per email.

Event Digests

Template Details
Digest Allows Users to curate their own event campaigns. Digest are customizable to suit your interests, and are a great way to stay informed and engaged in your community without having to proactively visit the site.
_component_spacer Controls the space between components in Digests.

Event Insights

Template Details
Feedback Request Event Insights is a flexible survey that is sent to users after an event to help you understand how each event contributes to your community goals. This survey helps you gain deeper insight from event attendees about the topic, format, and overall experience of your events to better inform your community event engagement strategy.
_styles CSS stylesheet for Event Insight emails.


Template Details
Notification Email Shell The outer shell for all notification emails.
Event Changed Edit the content and language included when a change to your event has been made.
Event Invitation Accepted Sent when an event you send to another User is accepted.
Event Invitation Received Sent when an event invitation you send to another User has been received.
Event Invitation Rejected Sent when an event invitation you send to another User has been rejected.
Event Rejected Email notification sent to a User when their submitted event has been rejected by an Event Admin.
Event Submitted Notification email confirming your event has been submitted via the Public Submission Form.
Event Verified If an Event Admin accepts and publishes your submitted event.
Friend Request Accepted If you send a friend request to another User and they accept.
Friend Request Received If you sent a friend request to another User and they have received it.
Group Membership Approved If following Groups or Departments requires moderation on your platform, and a Group Admin or Group Officer approves it.
Group Membership Requested If following Groups or Departments requires moderations on your platform, and you’re a Group Admin or Group Officer managing the following list.
Message Received When you send a message to a friend in Localist and they receive it.
Reset Password Request a password change in Localist. Note that this only works with Local logins. If you need to change your SSO credentials you must go through your organization’s IT team as Localist does not manage SSO passwords.
Site Invitation Invitation to join your organization’s Localist community platform.
Verify Account After signing up for a Localist account, verify your email to ensure you were the one to create an account with your email.


Template Details
In-Person Ticket Localist Register tickets that are flagged as in-person.
In-Person Ticket PDF Attachment PDF thats included in your Localist Register in-person ticket email
New Ticket Purchase Sent to the owner of an event after a User purchases a Localist Register ticket.
Order Receipt Receipt for the Localist Register ticket you purchased.
Order Refunded Sent if your Localist Register ticket is refunded.
Ticket Refunded ??
Ticket Voided If your Localist Register ticket has been voided.
Virtual Ticket Localist Register tickets that are flagged as Virtual.
Wait List Ticket Localist Register tickets that are flagged as Wait List.
_footer Localist Register email footer area.
_header Localist Register email header area.


Template Details
_footer Controls the footer for all notification emails.
_header Controls the header for all notification emails