Custom Fields

Custom Fields are flat text fields that can be assigned to:

  • Events
  • Places
  • Users
  • Groups or Departments

Platform Admin

Frequently Asked Questions

What format can Custom Fields be in?

They can either be in text or HTML format.

Can Custom Fields be made required?

Yup! When adding a Custom Field check off Display on Submit Form and then you will have the option to also check off Make Required.

Adding Custom Fields

These fields are 100% customizable and controlled by Platform Admins. The process for adding a Custom Field is the same for all options.

  • In the Admin Dashboard, navigate to Classifications > Custom Fields

    Select Events, Places, Users, or Groups to add a Custom Field

  • Select +Add Custom Field
    • Name: This is what will be displayed to the left of the field on the submission form and on the event details page to identify the information.
    • Tooltip: This allows you to add further instructions or communicate extra details about how the information will be used.
    • Type:  You can create a long answer HTML field, which will be a larger text box with rich text editing options (boldness, embedding, etc.), a basic short answer text field or a multiple choice question.
    • Display on Submit Form:  If checked, this field will be displayed and available to regular end users who use the Public Submission Form.
    • Required Field:  If Display on Submit Form is checked off then you will have the option to mark the field as required.
    • Display on Details Page:  If checked, this field’s information will be displayed on the event’s details page.
  • If you have more than one Custom Field, you can use the blue arrows on the Custom Field landing page (in the Admin Dashboard) to rearrange the order of how the fields display on the submission forms.

    In the Admin Event Form Custom Fields will be displayed and marked as Custom Fields under the Classifications section. On the Public Submission Form they will be listed under Additional Details.