If you are a Concept3D customer, Localist can replace the standard Google Maps with your custom 3D maps on your place and event landing pages.

Platform Admin

Setting Up Your Custom Maps

  • Email support@localist.com to request that this functionality is turned on and provide your Concept3D ID.

    This ID is found at the end of your map URL: http://www.domain.edu/about/maps-travel-options/campus-map/?id=148. Only 1 Concept3D ID is allowed per platform.

  • After being turned on, you will see a Concept3D ID field in your place landing page forms.
  • In this field you just need to add the numerical ID for the specific location.

    This ID is found in your URL marked mrkIid=146943

  • Once a place landing page is saved with a Concept3D ID, the landing page will begin to display your custom map instead of Google Maps.

    If an event is connected to a place landing page then it will also display your Concept 3D map.

Bulk Uploading

Concept3D ID’s can be included in an initial places bulk upload or a bulk upload can be used to update existing place landing pages. If you download a bulk places template, you will see a Concept3D ID column, or you can simply just add a new column with the header Concept3D ID to an existing file. As long as the place names have not changed, the ID will just update existing landing pages.