New Platform Lead

When there’s a change in who is designated as your Localist “Platform Lead,” don’t sweat it! We’re here to help with a smooth introduction to your calendar with a Platform Tour hosted by a Localist Onboarding Specialist.

What is the Platform Tour?

The Platform Tour is a one-hour, high level overview of how each feature connects to one another. Depending on your organization’s industry and goals, your Onboarding Specialist will be prepared to discuss each feature and best practice through that unique lens. That said, while the Platform Tour does include a screen share presentation, this call does not include a breakdown of how-to’s. This information will be provided via email follow up or through our Knowledge Base content.

Who should attend? The purpose of this call is to introduce the new Platform Lead to not only Localist, but to how their organization is currently utilizing each feature and what can be improved to align with their goals. As such, this is not a training call that should be extended to Event Admins or those who are not directly involved in the high level administration of the entire platform.

Scheduling Your Platform Tour

Step 1: Review “New” Customer Resources

While your organization is not new to Localist, it is important that you familiarize yourself with what is to be expected from the Localist team and yours.

  • Support LevelsWhat support is included in your Localist license 
  • Team Prep Overview of your role and how to approach your goals 


Step 2: Tell Us About Yourself

Before reserving time for your Platform Tour in Step 3, the following form must be submitted by the new Platform Lead.


Step 3: Scheduling Your Platform Tour Call

After submitting the form, an Onboarding Specialist will confirm it’s been received and provide you with their self serve Calendly scheduling tool.


Step 4: Preparing for Your Platform Tour

This call will include a tour of your platform, looking at all of the features available, feedback on what you’re using, and what could be used more to better achieve your calendar goals. Please feel free to explore these features within your platform or our Knowledge Base beforehand as your Platform Tour host will be ready to answer questions throughout your tour, so we invite you to ask away!

(1) Categorizing Events

  • Places, Groups and Departments
  • Filters
  • Tags and Keywords

(2) Adding Events

  • Public submissions
  • Pending Queue
  • Admin submissions
  • Bulk adding and Feeds

(3) Admin and User Permissions

(4) Event Promotion

  • Promoting individual events
  • Promoting multiple events


Custom Widget Menu

Template 1

Template 2

Template 3

Template 4

Template 5

Template 6

Template 7

Template 8

Template 9


This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

Support Bold: Branding

Step 1: Choose Your Branding Option

(1) Option 1: Theme

With this option, your Onboarding Specialist will apply the following customizations to the Localist content, such as event listings and call-to-action buttons.

  • Logo (customer provided if no header/footer)
  • Font families, colors, sizes and weights
  • Background colors, borders and shading
  • Text-decoration and hover styles

(2) Option 2: Template

In addition to the customizations included in Option 1, your Onboarding Specialist will also apply the header and footer of your choice to your platform. You can have one header and footer combination per platform and it will be displayed on all Localist pages.

Step 2: Identify Your Template

If you are opting for Option 1, please skip to Step 3. 

Your template can be any publicly accessible web page that includes the header and footer you’d like to be applied to your Localist platform. For example, the most popular “template” provided is just simply an organization’s homepage.

When identifying your template, please keep in mind the following:

  • The header and footer to be used in the template must already be fully built, styled and accessible together via the same web page. Localist will not build, customize or piece together header and footers from different pages. For example, you may not provide one URL for the header and another URL for the footer.
  • All assets provided in the source (CSS styles, images, etc.) must be served over secure (https) links if SSL is to be implemented on your Localist platform and these URLs must be permanent.
  • All assets provided in the source must be available at URLs that will not change in the future. This means the URLs must be static and will not change when a new version is released.
  • Localist will maintain the responsiveness of the template page and Localist platform only if the template is responsive. If the web page provided as the template is not responsive, corrective CSS will not be implemented to adjust the template or Localist content.

Step 3: Brand Survey

To kickoff the branding process, you will start by submitting the below Brand Survey.


Once your brand details have been submitted, you can expect the following:

  • Option 1: A first draft will be delivered within 10 business days.
  • Option 2: Your Onboarding Specialist will provided an estimated turnaround time after reviewing your submitted template source code within 10 business days. As your Onboarding Specialist works through the branding process, this estimate is subject to change. If your template (header/footer) changes or you opt to change from option 1 to option 2, then your Onboarding Specialist will provide an adjusted estimate.

Step 4: Development & Review

During this process, your Onboarding Specialist will be interpreting and applying your brand’s visual identity to best suit Localist content and components. Here is the expected process:

  1. Customer: Submits Brand Survey
  2. Localist: Applies brand identity within the Option 1 or Option 2
  3. Localist: Provides a “final draft” for the customer to review. This phase does not include responsive design as this can be impacted by desktop view changes.
  4. Customer: Reviews the branded platform and provides feedback as necessary.
  5. Localist: Will work through the feedback and provide estimated turnaround times as necessary.
  6. Customer: Finalizes desktop view.
  7. Localist: If necessary, responsive design adjustments will be put into place.
  8. Customer: Finalizes responsive view.

Note: Your Onboarding Specialist will be available to make further updates as requested throughout your time with Support Bold.

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Support Levels

The following outlines what is provided by the Localist Customer Experience Team through our Standard and Support Bold services. Our Support Bold services only apply to those customers who have paid for these services.



Service Standard Bold
Onboarding Specialist 60 days 1 year
Platform Tour Call
Progression Calls
Email Support
Priority Support
Brand Application
Timeline Preparation
User Help Assistance


Connecting with the CX Team

All Customers

Email Support

Email is the primary method for connecting with the Localist Customer Experience Team to address product questions, best practices and bugs/errors. To connect with the Localist CX Team, please complete the relevant form at

  • Business hours: 9 AM – 5 PM Eastern Time. Support for non-mission-critical issues outside of these hours is not guaranteed.
  • Response time: If you reach out within business hours, you should hear back from a member of the CX Team shortly. While we do not guarantee a turn around window, our average first response time is under 3 hours.
  • Personal Employee Accounts: Please refrain from emailing members of the CX Team directly. If you send messages to their personal Localist inboxes, a reply will not be guaranteed.


Phone Support

To kickoff the onboarding process, all customers are provided with an introductory Platform Tour that provides a high level overview of Localist features hosted by your Onboarding Specialist. Beyond this call, Localist Support services are only guaranteed via email. If you reach out via phone, it is not guaranteed that a team member will be available to assist via phone. Please leave a voicemail with your name, organization, email address along with your questions or a description of your inquiry. A team member will follow back up with you via phone or email depending on the nature of your inquiry.

  • Technical Support: Localist Support does not provide technical phone support. The following topics must be discussed via email to ensure accuracy and timeliness: step-by-step instructions, troubleshooting, single-sign on, custom domain, ssl, SILK/CSS/HTML development and the API.


Product Feedback

While the CX team will do their best to suggest product solutions to suit your needs, their support is limited to what is currently available within the platform. If a feature or functionality is not available, please submit your idea for consideration directly with our Product Team here:


Support Bold

Priority Support

You will have a dedicated Onboarding Specialist working with your team for the entirety of your first year with Localist as a Support Bold customer, and the first three months as a Kickoff Bold customer.  During these periods, your Onboarding Specialist will aim to prioritize your inquiries before standard support customers. Additionally, your Onboarding Specialist will provide your team with a collaborative Google Sheet that will be used to track progress, call topics and feedback.

Phone Support

In addition to your Platform Tour call, Support Bold customers are offered a series of six 30-minute Progression Calls. These calls are are flexible in agenda and format based on the customer’s needs and implementation status.


After your Platform Tour call, your Onboarding Specialist will provide a recommended timeline based on your tentative launch date. Throughout your implementation process this timeline will be adjusted as needed assuming the customer communicates changing priorities and schedules with their Onboarding Specialist.

User Help Assistance

  • Platform Guidelines: Your Onboarding Specialist can review, add and style customer provided guidelines for the Public Event Submission Form and/or the Login Lightbox.
  • Help Documentation: If your team crafts internal help documentation for either users or admins, your Onboarding Specialist is available to review your content for accuracy and best practices. The customer is solely responsible for the development of such materials.

Onboarding Specialist

Upon coming on board with Localist, all customers will be assigned an Onboarding Specialist to assist in kicking off the implementation process by hosting a Platform Tour. The length of time spent with your Onboarding Specialist after your Platform Tour is dependent on which support package you have purchased:

Standard Support + Kickoff Bold
For Standard Support, your Onboarding Specialist will be available via email for your first 60 days. For Kickoff Bold, your Onboarding Specialist will be available via email as well as to host Progression Calls and complete platform customizations for your first 90 days. If you have not launched at the 60 or 90 day mark, your Onboarding Specialist will still reach out to check on progress, but other members of our team will begin to respond to your inquiries.

Support Bold
As a Support Bold customer, your Onboarding Specialist will be available via email for the first 6 months and at this time other members of our team will begin to respond to your inquiries. That said, Support Bold services will continue for your first year and your Onboarding Specialist will still be available to host unused Progression Calls.

Platform Setup

All Customers

Content Creation

The customer is responsible for all content actions required during setup. This includes, but is not limited to, adding Events, Filters, Groups/Places, Channels, Widgets and Settings. During your time with Localist, you can expect the CX Team to provide the following:

  • Product navigation help.
  • Recommendations tailored to your goals.
  • Advice grounded in industry best practices.
  • Inspiration from other successful Localist customers.

That said, The CX Team are not experts in using external application interfaces or products. If you are exporting content to other services (feeds or widgets) or importing content to Localist (feeds or stylesheets), The CX Team can only guarantee guidance and trouble shooting directly within the Localist platform. To ensure that you receive the most accurate instructions and best advice you may be directed to reach out to the other service’s dedicated CX Team in these scenarios.


The customer is solely responsible for developing and maintaining all customizations. This includes, but is not limited to the *Brand Template (header/footer), Theme Editor (HTML), *CSS and JavaScript solutions. *See below for Support Bold inclusions.

The Localist CX Team are experts on only the out-of-the-box Localist platform and default Localist features and functionalities, as such, we do not guarantee assistance or guidance on customizing the platform with CSS, HTML or JavaScript. If you customize the platform through these methods, please note that the CX Team may no longer be able to guarantee insight or troubleshooting assistance.

Support Bold

Brand Application

→ Review the Support Bold Branding Process

Your Onboarding Specialist can apply the following customizations to your platform:

  • Customer header/footer
  • Logo (customer provided if no header/footer)
  • Font families, colors, sizes and weights
  • Background colors, borders and shading
  • Text-decoration and hover styles

Support Bold does not include the following:

  • HTML Theme Editor modifications. Your Onboarding Specialist is available to apply your brand’s aesthetic elements to the default, out-of-the-box platform. As such, your team will be responsible for any edits that require HTML modifications. These changes include, but are not limited to changing the structure of Localist content and language.
  • Building features on demand. Example: a 30-day grid view of events.
  • Changing the default functionalities. Example: event feed import times.
  • Custom JavaScript development. Example: checkboxes, radio buttons or pop-ups.


What’s Next?

Preparing Your Team

Ensure your team is on the same page with regards to goals, expectations and roles during the onboarding process. Once you have reviewed and submitted the corresponding Onboarding Survey, your next step will be to schedule your Platform Tour.

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Platform Tour

The Platform Tour is a one-hour, high level overview of how each feature connects to one another. Depending on your organization’s industry and goals, your Onboarding Specialist will be prepared to discuss each feature and best practice through that unique lens. That said, while the Platform Tour does include a screen share presentation, this call does not include a breakdown of how-to’s. This information will be provided via email follow up or through our Knowledge Base content.

Who should attend this call?

The Platform Lead must be in attendance, but other attendees depend on how onboarding tasks will be delegated. We recommend the following:

  • Who should attend: team members who will be responsible for multiple pieces of onboarding throughout the entire process. If you are flying solo as the Platform Lead, that’s great, too!
  • Who should not attend: team members who will only be responsible for a single piece of onboarding. For example, your technical folks responsible only for setting up a Custom Domain or branding.

Preparing for Your Call

Before reserving time for your Platform Tour, the following form must be submitted by the Platform Lead.

Scheduling Your Platform Tour

To reserve a time slot, select your Onboarding Specialist below and follow the prompts provided by Calendly.


Platform Tour Agenda

Part 1: Features

How to categorize events

  • Places, Groups and Departments
  • Filters
  • Tags and Keywords

How to add events

  • Public submissions
  • Pending Queue
  • Admin submissions
  • Bulk adding and Feeds

Admin and User Permissions

Part 2: Event Promotion

  • Promoting and individual event
  • Promoting multiple events

Part 3: Branding

  • Logo, Colors, Fonts and CSS
  • HTML Theme Editor
  • Custom Domain

Your Onboarding Specialist will be ready to answer questions throughout your tour, so we invite you to ask away! 


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Onboarding Team Prep

To allow for a productive and efficient onboarding, the following roles and topics will need to be discussed within your team. If you are flying solo, that’s great, too!

Building an Onboarding Team

Customer Team

  1. Platform Lead (required)  the main point of contact during onboarding and throughout the organization’s time with Localist.
  2. Technical Lead – this person will work with the Platform Lead to bring technical expertise and insight specific to the organization’s setup.
  3. Onboarding Teammates – additional team members who will also become well versed in Localist to assist with the onboarding process.

Localist Team

No assembly required!

  1. Onboarding Specialist – your main point of contact during onboarding. As a product expert, they will be your resource for product guidance, best practices and strategies. You can think of your IS as your “calendar coach”!
  2. Localist Support Team – the Support Team provides reactive product guidance and assistance after the customer’s time with their IS has come to a close. You may also hear from Support on behalf of your IS from time to time.
  3. Customer Success Manager – your CSM will be introduced after your Platform Tour and will remain as your permanent Localist contact for the entirety of your contract. When to contact your CSM directly: Billing, contract, change of contact, additional services and platform upgrades. 

For all intents and purposes, you can connect with the Localist Team at


Appointing a Platform Lead

The Platform Lead will act as a liaison between internal admins/stakeholders and your Localist Onboarding Specialist. 

Think you’re the one for the job? We connected with the experts–our customers–on what qualities and team players they believe help make calendar magic happen! We’ve rounded up their advice below to help you appoint your very own Platform Lead. 

  • A passion for technology and events.
  • A collaborative mindset that is adaptive to new technology and open to different approaches.
  • Previous onboarding experience with enterprise software, or is able to assemble an onboarding ‘dream team’ and pass the torch when necessary.
  • Honest with oneself about their abilities, workload, etc. and able to communicate this with your internal team. 
  • Appreciates a consultative approach to support mixed with an occasional cat GIF.

Additionally, this role will be responsible for the following key tasks:

  • Setting attainable goals and priorities.
  • Outlining a timeline and roll out plan.
  • Communicating updates to all stakeholders, including your Onboarding Specialist.


The Five Pillars of Onboarding

Once you have appointed a Platform Lead, it’s time to bring your team together to review and understand what is expected of them during the onboarding process. The following Five Pillars are our guiding principles that will ensure your team is officially in the onboarding mindset.

1. Know Your Why

Why are you implementing Localist and what is the expected outcome of launching your new platform? Implementing any new software brings along with it a season of transition. Embrace your “why”–live it and breathe it–as you evaluate new processes and solutions to your goals. 

2. Trust The Process

Our tried and true onboarding process has stood the test of time. You can trust that your Onboarding Specialist’s recommendations are rooted in industry best practices and what we know has made other organizations just like yours successful. 

3. Explore

It’s tempting to push full steam ahead, but take some time to get to know your new Localist platform. Page through our Knowledge Base. Browse our Classroom of recordings (popcorn optional). Build a Widget, create a Channel, test a Bulletin Campaign! Keep in mind that your platform is still under construction and not yet live, so feel free to get your hands dirty and explore all that it has to offer.

4. Communicate

A healthy onboarding thrives on communication. Your Onboarding Specialist is here to provide guidance, so questions are not only expected, but encouraged! Proactively communicating changes in priorities or timelines, will ensure your Onboarding Specialist hits the brakes or revs up their engine with proactive check-ins and pointers at the appropriate cadence. Additionally, CC’ing all involved parties on communications will empower your team to be confident that onboarding is moving along with everyone in step.  

5. Focus On The Big Picture

Onboarding is about progress, not perfection. Until your platform has been out in the wild and you receive feedback from your community, you won’t really know what needs to be fine tuned. Looking at the big picture and keeping sight of your “why” will help keep you on track for a timely calendar launch!


Goal Reflection

The last step in preparing your team for onboarding is reflecting on your past experience and what goals you’d like to accomplish with Localist. We highly encourage teams to be on the same page with regards to the following to ensure a smooth transition:

1. On a scale of 1-10, where does Localist fall as a priority?

  • Are there other projects in your pipeline?

2. What are your short term and long term goals?

  • What metrics will you be using to measure success?

3. What are your team’s strengths and weaknesses in terms of implementing enterprise software?

  • What are you most excited about? What are your concerns?

4. What most frustrates you about your current solution? What do you enjoy most about your current solution?

  • What prompted switching to Localist? What are your priorities for admins vs. your audience?

5. When would you ideally like to roll out your platform to your community?

  • Will you be rolling out all at once or in phases?


What’s Next?

Schedule Your Platform Tour

Now that you’ve assembled and prepared your team, it’s time to schedule your Platform Tour to officially kick off your onboarding process!

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Customer Onboarding Guide

Welcome to Localist! This guide will serve as your one stop shop for your Localist Onboarding. To get the ball rolling, start by reviewing our Support Levels and follow the prompts provided.

Kickoff Steps

Support Levels

What to expect from the Localist Team.

Team Prep

Assemble your dream team and review your goals.

Platform Tour

High level conference call to review features and best practices.


Onboarding Resources

Setup Playbook

Take stock of how your needs and timeline can work together.

Most Valuable Practices

Become a calendar expert and keep up with the events marketing industry.


Real world examples and inspiration featuring Localist customers.