Support Bold: Branding

Step 1: Choose Your Branding Option

(1) Option 1: Theme

With this option, your Onboarding Specialist will apply the following customizations to the Localist content, such as event listings and call-to-action buttons.

  • Logo (customer provided if no header/footer)
  • Font families, colors, sizes and weights
  • Background colors, borders and shading
  • Text-decoration and hover styles

(2) Option 2: Template

In addition to the customizations included in Option 1, your Onboarding Specialist will also apply the header and footer of your choice to your platform. You can have one header and footer combination per platform and it will be displayed on all Localist pages.

Step 2: Identify Your Template

If you are opting for Option 1, please skip to Step 3. 

Your template can be any publicly accessible web page that includes the header and footer you’d like to be applied to your Localist platform. For example, the most popular “template” provided is just simply an organization’s homepage.

When identifying your template, please keep in mind the following:

  • The header and footer to be used in the template must already be fully built, styled and accessible together via the same web page. Localist will not build, customize or piece together header and footers from different pages. For example, you may not provide one URL for the header and another URL for the footer.
  • All assets provided in the source (CSS styles, images, etc.) must be served over secure (https) links if SSL is to be implemented on your Localist platform and these URLs must be permanent.
  • All assets provided in the source must be available at URLs that will not change in the future. This means the URLs must be static and will not change when a new version is released.
  • Localist will maintain the responsiveness of the template page and Localist platform only if the template is responsive. If the web page provided as the template is not responsive, corrective CSS will not be implemented to adjust the template or Localist content.

Step 3: Brand Survey

To kickoff the branding process, you will start by submitting the below Brand Survey.


Once your brand details have been submitted, you can expect the following:

  • Option 1: A first draft will be delivered within 10 business days.
  • Option 2: Your Onboarding Specialist will provided an estimated turnaround time after reviewing your submitted template source code within 10 business days. As your Onboarding Specialist works through the branding process, this estimate is subject to change. If your template (header/footer) changes or you opt to change from option 1 to option 2, then your Onboarding Specialist will provide an adjusted estimate.

Step 4: Development & Review

During this process, your Onboarding Specialist will be interpreting and applying your brand’s visual identity to best suit Localist content and components. Here is the expected process:

  1. Customer: Submits Brand Survey
  2. Localist: Applies brand identity within the Option 1 or Option 2
  3. Localist: Provides a “final draft” for the customer to review. This phase does not include responsive design as this can be impacted by desktop view changes.
  4. Customer: Reviews the branded platform and provides feedback as necessary.
  5. Localist: Will work through the feedback and provide estimated turnaround times as necessary.
  6. Customer: Finalizes desktop view.
  7. Localist: If necessary, responsive design adjustments will be put into place.
  8. Customer: Finalizes responsive view.

Note: Your Onboarding Specialist will be available to make further updates as requested throughout your time with Support Bold.

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