Beta: Event Insights

About this feature

Our new Event Insights feature includes both an update to our existing review email notification and an all-new feedback form. To use this functionality with an event requires that you are either:

  1. Allowing users to express interest in the event
  2. Using Localist Register to formally collect attendees.

Try it out

1. Request access

Once you’re ready for this feature to be available on your platform, please let our team know so that we can turn it on.

2. Turn on the Event Review feature for your event

After the Localist Team has turned this feature on, navigate to a new or existing event’s edit page in the Admin Dash.

You will now see an Event Goals & Feedback section in the second half of the form. Select the checkbox for Request post event feedback from attendees. 

This will turn on the four default questions that gauge the following:

  1. Retention: How likely are you to attend another event in this community?
  2. Connection: Did you connect with someone at this event that you didn’t know before?
  3. Growth: How likely are you to recommend this community to a friend or colleague?
  4. Information: How informative was this event?

While individual default questions can be unchecked, we encourage you to not do this during the beta testing period. That said, we understand that these questions (or reviews in general) are not appropriate for deadlines/holidays or events like a memorial service

3.  UPDATE: Post-event email

This step mimics the already existing email notification workflow your audience is already familiar with. With this feature turned on, anyone who has registered via Localist Register or expressed interest in the event will receive an email within 2 hours of the event’s end time, asking to give it a star rating on a scale of 1-5 and/or leave a review. 


Existing email being updated

5. NEW: Post-event page

If a user opts to select a star rating or “leave review,” they will be taken to the event page on your platform:

From here, the user’s star rating has been captured, but they will have the opportunity to provide additional feedback by selecting “Sure!”:

These questions are all optional and can be answered at a later time by selecting “Maybe later.” When selected, the user will see the following prompt if they navigate back to the event page in the future: