Best Practices

Best practices are the strategies that will keep you on the path to success with Localist. While our best practices are rooted in following the standards of the greater SaaS and events marketing industries, they have stood the test of time by successfully being applied by hundreds of organizations using Localist.


Here at Localist, best practices fall into two buckets:

  1. Those we followed to build the platform and develop functionalities
  2. Those you will follow when implementing your own unique instance


– Highlighting Best Practices in the Knowledge Base –

Throughout each article, you will find best practices highlight in a box like this. These will either be simple tips or will link to an expanded best practice guide.



Platform Best Practices

Requiring Fields Upon Event Submission

Why Localist does not provide a 30-day grid view

Why Localist doesn’t purge data


Implementation Best Practices

Department classification

Filter auditing

Getting Creative with Localist Channels


Why Your Organization Should Use Localist Widgets

Implementing a Full-page Widget

Highlighting events on your homepage


Increasing calendar engagement

Why you should let users submit events