Localist Admin Training Syllabus

This resource provides the calendar team with a starting point for kicking off your own training with new Admins. It includes a suggested path for training, talking points, brainstorming prompts, and relevant resources to help your Admins become Localist pros!

Account Creation

Before training starts, have your Admins create accounts so they can best follow along:

  • Provide them with a clear path for account creation and outline their login options, or
  • Platform Admin can manually create their accounts, then escalate Permissions all at once

Localist Intro

Identify your community’s “what” and “why” for choosing Localist as a calendar solution. This helps establish trust, and allows you to share goals with your team. Use the FAQ below as a starting point for introducing Localist to your new Admins:

Introducing Localist FAQs

What is Localist?

Localist is a SaaS company and our platform is a community events calendar. Our vision is to help connect communities through their events. Our tools balance the needs of the event manager with the ideal audience experience. Organizations turn to Localist when they want to optimize the power and reach of their events. Localist offers the efficiency of a centralized marketing calendar, the power of social sharing tools, and the intelligence of analytics to optimize event marketing performance.

Why did our organization switch to Localist as a calendar solution?

Popular reasons across the Localist customer-base include CentralizationEvent Discoverability, and Calendar Adoption

Here are a few prompts to keep in mind when addressing why your community made the switch:

  • What roadblocks were being hit with the previous solution that Localist helps solve?
  • What was the turning point that make the calendar team determine a new solution was the answer?
  • What major efforts are coming up that will benefit from using Localist? (i.e. upcoming large events, event series, organizational needs that must be met, etc.)

What goals will Localist help our community reach?

Popular goals from the Localist customer-base include:

  • Empowering internal organizations to “own” their events (ex. Departments, Stakeholders, Partners, etc.)
  • One-stop shop for all event-related tasks
  • Brand consistency
  • Metric Tracking

Prompts to keep in mind for addressing your goals:

  • What goals were top of mind during your onboarding process? Are they still relevant now?
  • What ongoing or long-term goals come to mind?
  • Is there a reason for adding new Admins? Are they part of a larger goal or initiative?
  • What do you hope to accomplish?

Basic Training Resources

Have your new Admins bookmark the following general training resources provided by Localist:

  • Localist Knowledge Base: Full documentation for every feature Localist has to offer. These articles include step by step how-to’s as well as FAQs.
  • Glossary: Localist terms defined. Includes links to correlating features.
  • The Library: Monthly publication that includes tips, tricks, how-to’s, and more! We suggest starting with the following posts:
    • Onboarding Admins: How your team can onboard admins who are new to your Localist calendar.
    • Common Questions Series 1, 2, 3, 4: Commonly asked questions from our customer base.
    • 8 Heads-Up for New Admins: List of features to share with your new Admins.

Localist Admin Group

Encourage your new Admins to join the Localist Admin Group, powered by LinkedIn. This is a peer space when you can connect, swap tips, share solutions, and provide insights with other Localist Administrators.

Permissions-Based Resources & Tasks

If you’re not sure which Permission to assign, or you’d like to learn more about what each Permission can accomplish, check out our Permissions documentation to determine which will get the job done.

When adding a new Admin in Localist, you’ll need to set them up with the desired Permissions. Below are resources for your Admins to bookmark based on their assigned Permission, as well as tasks, complete with paths, they can complete with their assignments.

Platform Admin

Admins who can make changes to global platform settings such as adding Users, escalating Permissions, updating your platform’s branding, bulk-adding, and more.

  • Platform Settings: Settings available on the global platform.
  • Intro into Branding Tools: High-level outline of branding tools available. Includes links to resources to assist with the branding process.
  • Permissions: Outlines all available Permissions in Localist.
  • Bulk-Add: How to bulk-add events as well as a helpful outline of the CSV headers.
  • Feeds: Importing and exporting feeds in Localist.
Platform Admin Tasks
Action Description Path
Add/Edit Users Adding a new Users or editing an existing User account. Admin Dashboard > Users > +Add User OR select an existing User by clicking their name.
Permissions Assigning Permissions to new and existing Users. Admin Dashboard > Users > All Users > select a User’s name. On the resulting page, check the boxes in the Permissions section and Save Changes.
Bulk-Add Bulk-Add Events, Places, Groups, and/or Departments Admin Dashboard > Events OR Places OR Groups OR Departments > Bulk-Add.
Download the CSV Template, populate, and upload.
Feeds Import CSV, ICS, or RSS event feeds into Localist. Admin Dashboard > Events > Feeds >+Add Feed OR select an existing Feed to edit.
WYSIWYG & Custom CSS Brand your platform by dropping your hex codes into the WYSIWYG, add fonts, or apply Custom CSS to active/inactive themes. Admin Dashboard > Settings > Platform Settings > Appearance tab > select Edit Settings for the desired theme
Theme Editor Edit your platform’s HTML by accessing Theme Editor files. Admin Dashboard > Settings > Platform Settings > Appearance tab > select Edit HTML for the desired theme
Event Layouts Set global event layouts for all event experiences. Admin Dashboard > Settings > Platform Settings > Appearance tab > select Edit Layout for the desired Default Event Layout
Custom Domain & SSL Add your platform’s Custom Domain or use the self-serve resources to update your SSL certificates. Admin Dashboard > Settings > Platform Settings > Domain & Security tab
Register Apply global settings for Localist Register Admin Dashboard > Settings > Platform Settings > Register tab
Apps & Integrations Manage Social login options, add community social media URLs, add Google Analytics UA code, enable/disable Zoom integration. Admin Dashboard > Settings > Apps & Integrations

Event Admin

Admins who are entrusted with adding events directly to the live platform, as well as moderating events in the Pending Queue.

  • Event Submissions: Outlines all fields on the submission forms.
  • Pending Queue: Actions that can be taken while moderating User-submitted events.
  • Event Insights: How to collect insights from event attendees about topic, format, and overall experience during your events.
  • 12 Things to Remember When adding Events: LocaList publication with general rules of thumb to keep in mind to ensure event submissions start out on the right foot.
Event Admin Tasks
Action Description Path
Publish Events If Publish Event is checked, the Admin can add events directly to the platform and bypass the Pending Queue. If it is unchecked, the Admin can still access the Admin Event Form, but their event will go to Pending once saved. Admin Dashboard > Events > +Add Event OR search for an existing event
Feature/Sponsor Event* Flag an event as Featured or Sponsored.

*Note: Only Event Admins with the added Featured/Sponsored permission may complete this action.

In the Admin Event Form scroll down to the Promotion section > check Sponsored and/or use the dropdown and select the desired Channel to Feature your event in the carousel.
Event Moderation Approve, Reject, or Edit events via the Pending Queue. Admin Dashboard > Events > Pending, then:

  • Approve: Click Approve on the desired event
  • Reject: Click Reject on the desired event > provide a reason for rejection in the popup
  • Edit: Select the name of the desired event and it will redirect to the Admin Event Form for that event. Make edits > Save Changes.

Channel Admin

Admins who create sub-calendars or “homepages” for subsets of events. These folks can control the layout of each Channel on your platform.

Channel Admin Tasks
Action Description Path
Add Channels Adding a new sub-calendar to your platform Admin Dashboard > Content > Channels > +Add Channel
Channel Layout Add, drag, and drop components to set the Channel or homepage layout. Admin Dashboard > Content > Channels > Edit Layout for the desired Channel or homepage
Channel Settings Adding cover photo, updating Channel name/URL, setting Visibility options, or applying Channel-specific CSS. Admin Dashboard > Content > Channels > Edit Settings for desired Channel or homepage

Group Admin

Admins who can create dedicated landing pages (Groups and/or Departments) for the hosts of, or organizations affiliated with your events.

Group Admin Tasks
Action Description Path
Add/Edit Groups & Departments Add a new Group and/or Department page on your platform, or edit an existing landing page. Admin Dashboard > Classifications > Groups OR Departments > +Add Group OR +Add Department

Bulletin Admin

Admins who can create email campaigns, and assign contacts via Localist’s in-house newsletter tool.

Bulletin Admin Tasks
Action Description Path
Add/Edit Campaigns Create a new Bulletin Campaign to send to a list of contact. Admin Dashboard > Bulletin > Campaigns > +Add Campaign OR select an existing Campaign’s name
Campaign Content/Layout Add content such as events or other components to your Bulletin Campaign. Admin Dashboard > Bulletin > Campaigns > Select an existing Campaign’s name > select Edit Content & Layout at the top of the resulting page
Contact Lists Add or edit Bulletin Contact lists to assign to Campaigns. Navigate to Admin Dashboard > Bulletin > Contact Lists > +Add Contact List OR select an existing Contact List’s name