🗣️ 8 Ways You Can Participate in the Localist Admin Community 🗣️

Curious about what goes on behind the scenes with other Localist customers? Want to share what cool things you’re doing with Localist?

The Localist Admin Group, powered by LinkedIn, is a space for you to ask questions, share ideas and connect with other customers to swap insider tips with our community of Localist experts.


To get started, choose a topic below and either:

1) Share your unique experience and insight OR

2) Post a question for the community to answer

1. Admin Training Tips

  • What methods did you use to teach new Admins about the platform?
  • How do you continue to support Admins after training?

2. Internal Workflows

  • What tools do you use to communicate with Admins/your calendar team?
  • How do Admins coordinate with each other?

3. Feature Leveraging

  • What criteria do you use to determine if an event should be Featured/Sponsored?
  • What criteria do you use to determine if Channel is required?
  • How do you finalize Widget Template designs and placement?

4. Branding/Channel Customizations

  • How did you do…?
  • Has anyone done…?
  • We implemented.., here’s how:

5. Success Stories

  • What worked well to boost community/audience engagement?
  • What worked well to boost Department & Group engagement?

6. Launch/Promotion Tips

  • Do you have a sample calendar announcement you can share?
  • What’s the most creative way you’ve promoted Localist?

7. Integrations & Tools

  • Has anybody ever integrated with X platform/tool?
  • What concerns or heads up should we know when integrating with X platform/tool?

8. Events Your Team is Attending

  • Are you attending a conference?
  • Are you attending a webinar?