🤝 8 Ways to Encourage Community Advocacy 🤝

Here at Localist, our vision is driven by connecting communities through events. While events come in all shapes and sizes, there are events and opportunities that do more than just connect communities–they directly give back to the community. Below we’ve listed a variety of ways you can give these particular events some extra attention:

1. Categorize with a Filter

To start, create a Filter to collect these kinds of events in one convenient location. There’s no one way to label this Filter, so here are some ideas taken directly from customers to get you started: Outreach, Advocacy, Fundraising, Service, Volunteering or any number of combinations of these terms. While a Filter is an excellent start, if you’re looking to further amplify these events and community efforts, keep reading for additional methods!

2. Create a Tab on Your Homepage Channel

The next step up would be to add a tab on your Homepage Channel that is built around the Filter you have added. This prime location will take these events from just being categorized to being officially highlighted. 

3. Sponsoring

Either within your newly created homepage tab, or in your platform’s catch-all “trending” list, you can give community related events a boost in the Trending algorithm to ensure they come out not just on top of the lists, but on the top of your audience’s minds. 

4. Feature Events on the Homepage Channel

If you want to make an even bigger statement than Sponsoring, there’s no better way than featuring them. Your audience will know that these are formally endorsed by your organization, so consider featuring events that are deeply connected to your organization’s values and advocacy goals. 

5. Create a Dedicated Channel

If a Filter and additional Tab aren’t making enough of a statement, then it’s time to create a Channel! Creating a Channel will empower your audience by providing a one-stop-shop for events that have a direct impact on supporting and giving back to the community. For example, instead of just highlighting “trending” or “upcoming” tabs, your Channel can include lists separated by “internal” and “external” opportunities.

6. Register

You can use your platform to help local organizations financially by setting up donations within Localist Register. It’s as simple as adding a donation “ticket” to an event—and as users complete the checkout process they’ll be prompted to donate to the group of your choice.

7. Add a Call-to-Action Button

Does your organization provide community outreach materials, lead fundraising campaigns or work with local organizers and non-profits? Shine a light on other ways to get involved, in addition to attending social events, by adding a call-to-action to connect your community with these resources. 

8. Widgets

Finally, if you have any external web pages dedicated to community initiatives, adding them as events in Localist wouldn’t just mean more folks will learn about them within the platform, but then you have an easy way to display them on the external pages with Widgets.