📌 8 Things You Need to Know About Bulletin 📌

Bulletin is an internal tool that allows for creating and managing newsletters, which you can send straight to your users’ inboxes. Below we’ve gathered a list of highlights:

1. Bulletin Admin

You can designate the Bulletin Admin Permission to a few users who you trust to create, manage, and send Campaigns out! It’s recommended that these folks should also be Event Admins so they’ll have access to the events they’re including in Bulletin Campaigns. 

2. Drag and Drop Editor

Similar to Channels, you can design the layout (Campaign Edit page > click Edit Content & Layout in the top bar) of your Campaign by adding components with the simple drag and drop editor. 

3. Event Spotlight

Speaking of components, you can add an Event Spotlight to your Campaign. This will highlight an event with a prominent hero image to make it stand out (think of this as the “Featured” event in your Campaign). 

4. Show Link to All Events

If you add an Event List to your Bulletin, you can specify which events are included using the Editing Component. Here, you’ll see Show Link to All Events (along with a checkbox).

If selected, a “View More Events” link will be displayed at the bottom of the Event List in your Campaign. This is great for driving traffic back to your calendar, as it will link users to the All Events page.

5. Subscribe Widget

Just like a Localist Widget, this tool (Campaign Edit page > click Subscribe Widget in the top bar) provides an embed code that can be placed on any web page, so your audience can opt-in to receiving the Campaign in the future.

6. Copy a Campaign

With Bulletin, you can make a copy of a Campaign by navigating to the Campaign’s Edit page > click Copy in the top bar. This will create an exact replica of the Campaign so feel free to make any edits or changes here, as this will not affect the original version. 

7. Scheduling

In terms of delivery, you have two options:

  • Send Manually: If you go this route, navigate to the Campaign and click Send Now in the top bar each time you’d like the Bulletin to be sent out.
  • Send on a schedule: If you’d like to automate your sends, you can specify a start date & time and repeating schedule.

8. Last Chance Email

If a Campaign is scheduled, Localist will send a notification one hour before to the email address set in this field (on the Campaign Edit page) as a final preview. This email includes a one-click “kill switch” if you’d like to cancel the send. 


1. Digest

Users can get a personalized list of their favorite events sent to their inbox weekly with Digest. This tool ensures that users are engaged with the calendar and stay up-to-date with events that interest them!