🧑‍💻8 Common Questions: End-User Edition🧑‍💻

Have you ever wondered how you can help train users? Wonder no more! We’ve rounded up some of the most asked end-user questions and how you can empower them to use the calendar.

Note: The images below are from our Emphasis theme. If your platform is using our Legacy theme what’s outlined below still applies, but certain features, buttons, links, etc. may be located in a different spot. Want access to Emphasis? Learn more about upgrading here!

Q: What happens after I submit an event?

A: Upon clicking “Submit an Event” at the bottom of the Public Submission Form, the button will transition to read “Saving…” and you’ll be redirected to the Event Details Page. On this page, you should see the following pop-up messages:

If you experience this behavior then you’re all set—you’ll just have to wait for an Admin to approve your event before it is live on the calendar. 

That being said, if nothing happens after clicking “Submit an Event”, we recommend double checking that you’re filling out the required fields. These are 1) Event Name, 2) Description, 3) Start Date, and 4) Custom Fields (that are specific to your organization and may be made required). If any of these fields are blank in the Submission Form you will not be able to add an event. 

Q: How can I edit an event that I’ve already submitted?

A: Navigate to the Event Details Page > scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “Edit Event” button under the Event Tools section.

Note: You’re able to edit events while they are awaiting Admin approval. However, if an event has been approved and you edit it again, it will go back into the Pending Queue and become unpublished until an Admin reviews it.

Q: Can I view a list of events I’ve submitted?

A: Navigate to the calendar homepage > click the User Menu Dropdown > select Dashboard. On the resulting page you’ll see an “Events I’m Organizing List”, which displays up to 5 of your upcoming events.

Q: Where can I subscribe to events?

Multiple Events:

A: Navigate to the calendar homepage > click the Filter button > after making your selections, click one of the options under “Subscribe to Displayed Results” at the bottom of the drawer. Note: The same functionality is available on all Filtered results pages as well.

Single Event:

A: Navigate to the Event Details Page > click “Add to Calendar” > select one of the subscribe options below.

Q: Is there a way I can see a specific subset of events?

A: Similar to subscribing to multiple events, navigate to the calendar homepage > click the Filter button > select how you’d like events to be sorted (by Date, Name, or Popularity) , date range, Experience (In-Person, Virtual, or Hybrid), and the Filter(s) of your choice > click the Apply Filters button. 

Once clicked, you’ll be redirected to a results page including all events that match the selections you made.

Q: What happens when I click “I’m Interested”?

A: When you click I’m Interested, the event will be added to “My Calendar” in your dashboard. 

If it is a repeating event, you will be prompted to select all dates or specific instances of the event. You will also be added to the “People Interested” box on the Event Details Page. To remove the event, select Change Dates (recurring event) or Not Interested (non-recurring event).

You will also receive two notification emails:

  • Reminder:  The day before the event.
  • Review:  The day after the event.

Q: How can I add events to my organization’s website?

A: You can accomplish this with a Widget, which you can think of as an ambassador for your events. To access the Widget Builder, navigate to the calendar homepage > click the Calendar Resources button > select the Widget Builder link in the Share Events box.

Then fill out the form to customize the Widget to meet your needs.  At the bottom of the form select one of the following:

  • Preview Widget: To get a preview of how the Widget will look.
  • Generate Embed Code: To get the embed code.

Once you’re satisfied with everything, you’ll copy the generated embed code and paste it onto the webpage of your choice.

Q: How does the search bar pull results?

A: When you enter something into the search bar, it will return all results (i.e. events, landing pages, users, etc.) based on relevance of the item to the search term.

Once you’ve entered your initial search, you can view more events specifically by clicking “View all events”. Then from here you can change how events are ordered by clicking the Filter button > under “Sort By”, select either Relevance, Date, Name, or Popularity in the dropdown > Apply Filters.