🎉 8 Calendar Resolutions 🎉

Happy New Year!  As we turn to a new decade on our calendars, there’s no better time to set your sights on revitalizing your Localist platform than now. Below we’ve rounded up Localist resolutions that will encourage you to explore your platform and strengthen your calendar game:

1. Add Events 7 Days Before the Start Date

If you’re adding events to your calendar, you need to make sure you give your audience plenty of time to discover them! You can increase the likelihood of discoverability by adding new events at least a week before they are set to take place.

2. Event Approval Turnaround

Try setting a goal for your team to get pending events live on the calendar. We recommend same day approval at best, and 2 business days at most—so submitters know that their events are valuable to your community. 

3. Event Rejection Reason

If you need to reject an event, always include an explanation with constructive feedback for the submitter. This way, they can re-submit their event with your tweaks. What’s more, this builds trust with your community and helps guarantee that future submissions will meet your requirements! 

4. Feature or Sponsor Your Events

If you’re not already doing so, you should consider promoting events to your community! Consistency is the key to promotion—you want to make sure you’re Featuring and/or Sponsoring events throughout the whole year, so there’s always eye catching content on your calendar. 

5. EventReach

We’ve found that certain content in an event greatly increases discoverability, which is exactly what the EventReach tool gauges. You should aim to get all of your events to a healthy score (70%) so they can be maximized to ‘reach’ the most amount of users possible. 

6. Utilize Channels

You probably already have event series, annual events, or just ‘like’ events on your calendar, but are you using Channels to display them? If not, it’s the perfect time to put these events into a Channel so your users can easily find them all in one place.

7. Try out Register

You’ve already centralized your event promotion efforts within Localist, why not also registration and ticketing? This all-in-one tool allows for managing tickets alongside events, and for your audiences to make secure purchases without leaving the comfort of your Localist calendar.

8. Create a Bulletin

On a similar note, Bulletin is Localist’s own native newsletter tool that sends event content directly to your users’ inboxes. Once you’ve explored the tool and built your first Bulletin, Localist will take it from there and send on your desired schedule.

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