🗂️  7 Ideas for Event List Tabs 🗂️

Out of the box, Localist provides two default tabs for all Channels: Trending and Upcoming. However, the possibilities for additional tabs are endless! We’ve narrowed down the most popular examples below.

Note: Don’t forget that your homepage is a Channel, so you can add/edit tabs right from the Channel Layout Editor.  To do this, select + Add Component > Event List within the already present Event Tabs component. Then in the Editing Component,  you’ll designate a date range and/or Classification in the Included section to pull events into the list.

1. Virtual Events

As our world is changing and evolving, many events are transitioning to virtual spaces rather than being hosted in person. So why not showcase these events right on your calendar’s homepage? You can accomplish this by creating a dedicated virtual tab, and in doing so, users will easily be able to find them all in one convenient location. 

Just as a heads up, since it isn’t possible to include events in a tab by Virtual Experience, we suggest adding a “virtual” Tag or Keyword to any events you’d like to display in your list. 

2. Trending vs. Upcoming

We’ve found that users expect to see events displayed based on what is most popular and relevant to them. So it’s recommended that you use Trending as the default event list. That said, those who want to see a chronological view or search by date still have the Upcoming list.

3. By a Filter

You can also customize tabs by pulling in events with a Filter. For example, you can have an event list devoted to your most popular Event Type, Topic, or Audience Filters.

4. By Location or Place

Likewise, you can create tabs using a location or Localist Place. In the past, customers have included the following location-based tabs on their calendars: on campus, off campus, or events hosted at a central/popular location.

5. By a Date Range

Another way you can be really creative here is to make a tab based off of a date range. So, for instance, if you have a Homecoming Weekend Channel you could create event lists for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to showcase each day’s events. Similarly, you could have tabs for certain months, seasons, or semesters.

6. Temporary Events

Does your org host short-term events, like special series, festivals,  or campaigns? You can use a Tag or Keyword to create temporary tabs, so these events have their time to shine on your calendar.

7. Recent Events

If you have recent events that you’d like to highlight, either on the homepage or a Channel, you can do so by specifying a custom time period for the tab. So essentially, all you’ll have to do is note the time period (up to 365 days in the past) when adding your tab and then your event list will be populated with past events.